[PRESS RELEASE] NEW YORK, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- inVentiv Health Communications has been named a speaker at the 2017 Cannes Lions Health Festival. Kathleen Starr, Ph.D., Managing Director, inVentiv Health Behavioral Insights, and Susan Perlbachs, EVP, Executive Director, GSW-NY, will present "Social-Centricity: Impacting Circles of Influence to Change Behavior" from 14:00-15:00 GMT, on Saturday, June 17, on the Health in Action Stage.

The session aims to identify the key social drivers that shape an individual's behavior when it comes to their health and is based on an original longitudinal ethnography study conducted by Behavioral Insights. The unique study followed 30 families for two years to understand how they lived and dealt with acute and chronic medical issues from diabetes and mental illness to infertility and cancer. The result: a new perspective on the kinds of support people really need related to changing and maintaining health behaviors.

"In healthcare, we talk a lot about adherence and compliance. But, as brands, our role and commitment is really helping support change. How do we help people act on the health decisions they've made for themselves? How do we empower them be more resilient to try and try again?" said Starr.

Starr and Perlbachs will dive deep into understanding the social ecosystem in which "patients" are trying to create behavior change. They will define how brands can support patients and their influencers, along with learning how creatives around the world can be more socially centric to motivate patients to take action. The hour-long interactive session includes a 30-minute workshop and time for group consensus-building based on workshop activities.

"As an industry, we need to shift from individual, patient-centric support to wider, more social-centric considerations. Today, life-changing creativity requires system-changing creativity. We need to work within the patients' complete system, allowing us to go beyond patient-centricity," said Perlbachs.

To find out more about social centricity, download the original white paper "Advancing Beyond Patient Centricity: Identifying the Real-Life Influences of Health Behavior Using a Social-Centric Approach." Or, view a recent Medical Marketing & Media roundtable with inVentiv Health Communications on Social Centricity in Oncology.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Connect onsite at Cannes with: 

Susan Perlbachs at susan.perlbachs@inventivhealth.com@susanperlbachsLinkedIn 

Kathleen Starr at kathleen.starr@inventivhealth.com@drhealthphyschLinkedIn

About the Speakers

Kathleen Starr, Ph.D., Managing Director, inVentiv Health Behavioral Insights

Kathleen has more than 15 years of experience in the life science industry translating behavioral insight into commercial strategy. Leveraging research and clinical expertise in human perception, decision-making, and science of behavior, she provides evidence-based frameworks to build engaging patient experiences that will drive sustainable behavior change.

As a health psychologist, Kathleen is passionate about improving the patient experience and leveraging the psychology of behavior to create patient-centered solutions.  

Kathleen holds a doctorate in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Miami and completed a post-doctorate fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. 

Susan Perlbachs, EVP, Executive Director, GSW-New York

With more than 20 years of creative and agency leadership, Susan is passionate about creating personalized brand experiences that involve, inspire, educate and activate people through brand journeys. She leads the New York office of one of the world's ten most awarded healthcare advertising agencies and is inspired by the people, patients and lives that touch the brands on which she works.

Susan was part of the DTC television launch for Pradaxa "Red Fish," which won "Best Consumer Campaign" at the MM&M and Manny Awards, and led the "Movember" campaign which took home "Best Philanthropic Campaign."

She received a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental College.

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