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Five Emerging Trends in Digital Health | Blog

Malay Gandhi, Managing Director at Rock Health came to Digital Pharma West to help us see the future through the changing investments of big digital health backers.


CES Digital Health Summit Day One | Blog

I’ve been to the Consumer Electronics Show a few years in a row now, but this is the first time I’ve been able to attend the Digital Health Summit.


Digital Health and the Medicare Population - A Love Story | Blog

“Even though it’s online you feel very much apart of the community” “Its just second nature for me now” These are quotes you might not expect a 70 year old, much less one who is discussing their digital health intervention, to say.


Syneos Health’s Baba Shetty Explores DTx with Its Pioneers | Blog

At this year’s Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase (part of Biotech Showcase), a panel of digital therapeutics (DTx) experts illuminated the status and future of their work, moderated by Syneos Health Commercial Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Baba Shetty.


Expansion of Digital Capabilities Bolstered with Influx of New Hires at Syneos Health Communications | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications, the network of advertising, public relations and medical communications agencies within Syneos Health(TM) (NASDAQ:SYNH), today announced new digital capabilities and talent.


CES - Digital Health Summit - Solving Wicked Problems | Blog

The next two sessions of the Digital Health Summit were focused on healthcare related to caregivers.


Pharma's New Competition: Digital Health | Blog

We’re just a few years away from digital therapies taking on traditional medicines on their own turf: clinical trials, formularies, and prescription pads.


What's Driving The Rise of Digital Health at CES? | Blog

It’s been said that we are not only living in the era of the internet of things, but the internet of healthy things.


Meeker's Perennial Internet Trends Report Adds New Digital Health Section for 2017 | Blog

Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends presentation captured new insights into dozens of digital advancements in healthcare


Pharma in the age of acceleration | In The Media

Duncan Arbour, SVP Innovation and Alex Brock, Head of Digital, both at Syneos Health Communications Europe, together with Skye Hodson, Engagement Manager, Syneos Health Consulting share some insights on where digital health technology is heading.


Biotech Showcase 2019: Baba Shetty of Syneos Health Explores Digital Therapeutics in Five Years from Now | Blog

Where will digital therapeutics or DTx be in five years?


Is healthcare fully embracing the Digital Opinion Leader (DOL)? | In The Media

Mike Collinson, Director of Digital Strategy and Madeline Rounds, Digital Consultant at inVentiv Health Medical Communications were featured in the July/August edition of Pharmaceutical Market Europe.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase: What Does a Clinical Trial Look Like for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

Digital therapeutics, or DTx, are distinct from digital health products, and are driven by software programs that can be prescribed to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease, as stated by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.


More from CES Digital Health Summit | Blog

Looking back over my notes on CES, I realized there was a common thread to some of the talks that weren’t really focused in this particular direction.


Social Media, Value and the Future of Healthcare Communications | In The Media

Julian Suchman, Digital & Social Strategy, inVentiv Health PR, takes a closer look at the new communication priorities required to thrive in the new value landscape.


Centre of the Pharmaverse | In The Media

Nicky Walsby, MD UK PR at Syneos Health Communications talks about the opportunities digital brings for more patient-centric communications.


Patients Who Use New PreHab App Spend Less Time in Hospital | Blog

Digital health company Peerwell created an app to prepare patients for surgery and, in turn, reduce the amount of time they spend in the hospital.


Key Questions About Social Media in 2019 | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Julian Suchman, Digital Strategist at Syneos Health, talks about why Facebook remains an effective channel for pharma marketers in 2019.


2nd Annual Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care | In The Media

Alex Ferrara, Director, Corporate Communications, INC Research/inVentiv Health is presenting on the topic "How To Activate Employees As Advocates On Social And Digital Channels" at the Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care conference on September 13th.


The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Chris Iafolla, Head of Digital & Social Strategy at Syneos Health Communications, comments on the usage of chatbot technology in the pharmaceutical industry.


Is Food Benefits Management the Future of Medicine? | Blog

Zipongo, a digital nutrition platform just raised $18 million to accelerate its mission to improve health outcomes through personalized dietary recommendations.


Behind the Scenes: The Research Questions That Led to Our Plenary Presentation | Blog

If you’ve been following our recaps from Digital Pharma East, you know that the Syneos Health Digital & Social Strategy team presented original research on recruiting patients for clinical trials at a plenary session.


Shining Light on Clinical Trial Recruitment with Social Media | In The Media

Chris Iafolla, Head of Digital and Social Strategy for Syneos Health Communications shares insights on recruiting patients into clinical trials via social media.


Google Health: We no longer go online. | Blog

David Blair, Head of Health at Google, came to #efpphilly to talk about nothing less than the fusion of our digital and human lives.


The Week That Was: You’ve GOAT to be kidding me | Blog

Everyone seems to be talking about digital health, but what does that really look like in action?


The Week That Was: Dude, where’s my paycheck? | Blog

What do CBD, digital health and “femtech” all have in common?


Engaging with HCPs on Their Terms | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Michael Collinson, Global Digital Lead, Cadent Medical Communications, a Syneos Health Company, shared his thoughts on how to develop the right messaging and present it in a way that will make your content stand out from the clutter.


Geisinger CEO Poached by Google to Drive Healthcare Strategy | Blog

David Feinberg, CEO of Geisinger, to head up the tech giant’s motley array of digital health endeavors.


Israel Awards Grant to Integrate Medical Imaging A.I. | Blog

The Innovation Authority, the arm of the Israeli government responsible for advancing industrial R&D throughout the country, has given a multi-million-dollar grant to Zebra Medical Vision, a digital health startup.


Infographic: Are we witnessing the death of pharma apps? | Blog

What they found was not on par with how we view our always-on digitally connected lives.