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Cadent Medical Communications | Agency

Medical communications agency building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.


Litmus Medical Communications | Agency

Medical communications agency building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.


Vision 2020: Preparing for the Future of Medical Communications | Blog

My name is Wendy Balter and as the President of Cadent Medical Communications, I wanted to create a blog series where I can post ideas, observations, links, and insights for you on a regular basis.


Is Marketing to Algorithms the Future of Medical Communications? | Blog

Artery is a medical imaging platform that has recently been approved to help doctors diagnose heart problems.


To Reach Clinicians, Think COLs Instead of KOLs | In The Media

Wendy Balter, Managing Director of Cadent Medical Communications, writes for PM360 about the evolution and important role of the "Connected Opinion Leader," or "COL."


Speaker Bureau: Better Choices for Turbulent Times | In The Media

Meredith Meilinger, VP of Operations at Cadent Medical Communications, a Syneos Health™ company writes about speaker bureaus in this PM360 article.


Expansion of Digital Capabilities Bolstered with Influx of New Hires at Syneos Health Communications | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications, the network of advertising, public relations and medical communications agencies within Syneos Health(TM) (NASDAQ:SYNH), today announced new digital capabilities and talent.


We are on MM&M Top 100 Healthcare Agencies list | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications is yet again recognized among Medical, Marketing & Media’s Top 100 Healthcare Agencies list.


Are we #winning? | In The Media

Mike Collinson, Director of Digital Strategy and Madeline Rounds, Digital Consultant at inVentiv Health Medical Communications were featured in the July/August edition of Pharmaceutical Market Europe.


inVentiv Health Communications Agencies Named to MM&M's Top 100 Healthcare Agencies List | In The Media

inVentiv Health Communications ad agencies GSW, PALIO and Navicor and the PR Group have been named to Medical Marketing & Media's Top 100 Healthcare Agencies list.


Engaging with HCPs on Their Terms | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Michael Collinson, Global Digital Lead, Cadent Medical Communications, a Syneos Health Company, shared his thoughts on how to develop the right messaging and present it in a way that will make your content stand out from the clutter.


Do You Ever Feel Like You're In This Alone? | Blog

One that – thanks to changes in medical and communications technology, our connections to family, and even the way we work – is becoming increasingly prevalent.


Connected Opinion Leaders: Pharma’s New Go-to Professional Influencers | In The Media

Wendy Balter, President, Cadent Medical Communications weighs in on the emerging importance of Connected Opinion Leaders for Medical Marketing & Media.


GSW, Biosector 2 Nominated in 2017 MM&M Awards | In The Media

inVentiv Health Communications agencies GSW and Biosector 2 are shortlisted for a total of 5 Medical Marketing & Media awards.


Immuno-oncology is fundamentally changing what value means | In The Media

How will the pharma marketing, educational and service model adapt in response to redefined value in immuno-oncology?


Europe | Region



Agency 100 2019: Syneos Health Communications | In The Media

Syneos Health Communications (North America) ranked #2 on MM&M’s 2019 Top 100 Agencies list.


Vision 2020: What Happens When Medical Providers are Millennials? | Blog

In the coming decade, many if not most medical practitioners patients see will be Millennials, people born between the years 1981 and 1998.


Consult Your Collective | Blog

At the end of almost every drug commercial, you will hear the phrase, “consult your doctor.”


Out From Behind The Counter | Blog

The field of modern medicine has been described as a “medical conveyor belt,” with many moving pieces and parts that help manage the hand off that occurs from patient to patient.


Asia Pacific | Region

Asia Pacific


Patients' Perspectives: Found in Translation | Blog

Westfall, a professor of family medicine and director of the High Plains Research Network at the University of Colorado, has committed to harnessing the patient perspective in order to better communicate his prescribed care.


Tune in Doc-Virtual Conferences Are Now a Reality | Blog

2017 has marked a major shift in the way pharmaceutical giant Novartis will be using and expanding innovative digital platforms to share major congress experiences, education and medical information with physicians.



Healthcare advertising and communications group inVentiv Health Communications has appointed Julie Adrian as managing director for its European operations.


Vision 2020: The Costs of Discontinuity | Blog

One of the most powerful ideas to emerge in recent years is continuity of care in medicine.


Doximity Reaches Nearly 3 of 4 US Physicians | Blog

Last week, America’s leading social network for healthcare professionals announced that its membership has surpassed 800,000 healthcare professionals in the US alone.


Battling Physician Shortages | Blog

Our aging population is creating new healthcare demands–new demands that require more physicians and more expert opinions at the point of care than ever before.


Nudge-nudge, think-think | In The Media

This PMLiVE article examines the complexities of human behaviour and what it means for developing behavioural change programmes.


Hypertension’s New Lie Detector Test | Blog

It is no secret that hypertension is the leading cause of death in America.


You Have 99 Seconds. | Blog

Let’s start with the biggest number: 10 minutes.