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GoPro and Oculus Rift Team Up To Create First-Person Surgery | Blog

Oculus Rift and GoPro are both consumer devices and not intended as a medical device.


Tune in Doc-Virtual Conferences Are Now a Reality | Blog

2017 has marked a major shift in the way pharmaceutical giant Novartis will be using and expanding innovative digital platforms to share major congress experiences, education and medical information with physicians.


NPs and PAs Want Content From Pharma | Blog

A new “Taking the Pulse” report from Decision Resources shows that people in two of America’s fastest-growing medical professions are eager to partner with pharmaceutical companies to deliver the best patient education resources possible.


Prescribed Apps: Can a Curated App Store Create a New Norm? | Blog

This branded app gives the patient educational and reference info and follows them day by day as they begin their medication and following them through their treatment.


To Reach Clinicians, Think COLs Instead of KOLs | In The Media

Wendy Balter, Managing Director of Cadent Medical Communications, writes for PM360 about the evolution and important role of the "Connected Opinion Leader," or "COL."


Future Proofing Med School | Blog

They’ve recently announced that they will be opening a School of Medicine in 2020 described as “forward-thinking education for tomorrow’s doctors.”


Cadent Medical Communications | Agency

Medical communications agency building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.


Clinical Educators: Positive Impact on Patient Experiences | Perspectives

Clinical educators can help empower the patient to make their own informed healthcare choices.


Immuno-oncology is fundamentally changing what value means | In The Media

How will the pharma marketing, educational and service model adapt in response to redefined value in immuno-oncology?


Two-Thirds of Doctors Don't Trust Content on Pharma Sites | Blog

A recent survey by the Decision Resource Group reveals that only 34% of physicians feel that pharmaceutical websites are trustworthy.


Three Useful Healthcare Apps You Should Know | Blog

Our previous articles covered the definition of mobile medical apps and three examples of FDA-approved apps.


Vision 2020: Context sensitivity, EHRs, and teachable moments | Blog

“Teachable moments,” education experts tell us, are events in which reality stares us in the face and ignorance is no longer an option.


The Doctor Will Stream You Now | Blog

Periscope (a Twitter company) allows users to view the world through another person’s eyes.


Litmus Medical Communications | Agency

Medical communications agency building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.


How an App Raised Adherence by 54% | Blog

Here’s a fantastic little case study of our Let’s Play trend in action (see Digital Trend #6).


GSW, Biosector 2 Nominated in 2017 MM&M Awards | In The Media

inVentiv Health Communications agencies GSW and Biosector 2 are shortlisted for a total of 5 Medical Marketing & Media awards.


Vision 2020: Warm culture means healthy growth | Blog

It’s been mighty cold lately, hasn’t it?



After a particularly intense week in the media, a three-day weekend seems like a much needed respite.


Helping Those Who Help Others | Blog

Every year 300 to 400 physicians commit suicide in the United States, a number that is roughly the size of 3 average med school classes.


Vision 2020: The Costs of Discontinuity | Blog

One of the most powerful ideas to emerge in recent years is continuity of care in medicine.


Doximity Reaches Nearly 3 of 4 US Physicians | Blog

Last week, America’s leading social network for healthcare professionals announced that its membership has surpassed 800,000 healthcare professionals in the US alone.


Patients Who Use New PreHab App Spend Less Time in Hospital | Blog

Digital health company Peerwell created an app to prepare patients for surgery and, in turn, reduce the amount of time they spend in the hospital.


Campaign Launched To Reduce Medication-Associated Harm by 50 Percent | Blog

A campaign launched this week by World Health Organization (WHO) to attempt to reduce medication-associated harm in all countries by 50 percent over the next 5 years.


How Reliable are Mobile Medical Apps? | Blog

Are you using a mobile app to track a health condition, get medical advice, or simply to stay in shape?


Prescription Video Game? | Blog

Akili Interactive Labs doesn’t develop medicines or molecules, but it’s still hoping to earn a prescription.


DPE15: AZhelps Celebrates 6 Years on Twitter | Blog

Their goal is to educate patients about available resources (including cost, access, affordability) and to address specific product inquiries.


Teach-back: How A Group of Nurse Educators is Getting Through | Blog

“Tell me what you heard”.


Gotham’s Newest Hero | Blog

For the victims of generational healthcare inequalities, Gotham’s next great hero may not wear a cape, but still has some nifty tricks in her utility belt.


Immersive Technology is Changing How Doctors Train for and Perform Procedures | Blog

From augmented to virtual reality, brands are leveraging video-game-like tech to evolve the training experience for doctors around the world.


Cannabis Firm Tilray Scores Partnership with Novartis | Blog

Tilray, a medical-cannabis producer, has established a new partnership with pharmaceutical giant Novartis, affording the former sales and distribution channels in tens of new countries.