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Detecting Concussions In Real Time Using Virtual Reality | Blog

We continue to see virtual reality (VR) branching away from the traditional gaming platform and moving into the healthcare space.


Seeing the Future: VR in Healthcare | Blog

In healthcare alone virtual reality and augmented reality is expected to be a $5.1 Billion industry by 2025 with a CAGR of +53% over the next five years.


Mixed Reality | Blog

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality are the most common.


VR Gets With the Times | Blog

We called it “Virtual Reality is Finally Reality”—the fact that after years of hype and talk, it was finally looking like virtual reality was coming of age.


Our Virtual Reality | Perspectives

Virtual collaboration isn’t the future of work – it's the wave of the present


Traditional Therapy Gets a VR Upgrade | Blog

In an upcoming study, the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work is planning on using virtual reality technology to augment traditional therapy techniques used to help recovering heroin addicts maintain sobriety and resist the urge to use.


More than a Buzzword | Blog

The trend toward Virtual Reality experiences is continuing to rise and has become more than just another techie buzzword.


Creating a VR Experience? | Blog

In an immersive experience like virtual reality, that story is multi-dimensional and taps into various senses.


Peer To Peer Insights in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond | Perspectives

In healthcare, marketers, patients and healthcare professionals alike are continuing to navigate and adjust to a new, virtual reality where our health needs are being serviced digitally.


Tune in Doc-Virtual Conferences Are Now a Reality | Blog

2017 has marked a major shift in the way pharmaceutical giant Novartis will be using and expanding innovative digital platforms to share major congress experiences, education and medical information with physicians.


Immersive Technology is Changing How Doctors Train for and Perform Procedures | Blog

From augmented to virtual reality, brands are leveraging video-game-like tech to evolve the training experience for doctors around the world.


Digital Pharma East: Day 3 Recap | Blog

Some of topics covered today included The Golden Age of Data Analytics, Enriching Healthcare Through Virtual Reality, and Leveraging Patient Influencers to Improve Disease Management.


Solving the VR Crisis | Blog

Feel dizzy or even maybe a bit nauseous every time you put on a virtual reality device?


2015 Digital Trends: New Report | Blog

Find out what’s trending in 2015 for wearables, virtual reality and consumer technology adoption.


3 Tips for Boosting VR Engagement | Blog

o help jump start your 2017 virtual reality projects, Google just published some engagement tips on its think with Googleplatform.


COVID’s Consequences Clearer as Cancer Cases Climb | Blog

At a virtual conference hosted last month by the Milken Institute, which aims to create economic solutions to contemporary healthcare challenges, experts explored some post-COVID realities starting to materialize.


How VR Could Help with Preventive Care | Blog

The importance of preventive care cannot be understated, yet millions of Americans choose not to follow the recommended guidelines.


Going Beyond The Screens | Blog

Last year, one of the most recognizable and notable trends we uncovered was that people from all across the globe were becoming multi-screen users, physicians included.


Four Critical Dynamics for Virtual Collaboration | Blog

Here are 4 key principles to drive better virtual collaboration.


What Nostalgic Toy is Google Playing With? | Blog

Cutting edge technology is no longer exclusively for the early adopters and tech-savvy millennials.


The Dynamic Tech Trio Changing Gaming | Blog

With the Oculus Rift on the brink of consumer release (Q1 2016), the innovation team was eager to hear more about the latest breakthroughs that had yet to be announced.


Life Sciences Commercialization in the COVID-19 Era: Critical Pivot Points to Mitigate Risk | Perspectives

Learn how to pivot and adapt your commercialization and communications tactics amid COVID-19 with insights from Rich Gorman and Leigh Householder at Syneos Health in this Xtalks webinar.


Google's Tango Takes the Stage | Blog

It’s possible your next phone will be able to see your surroundings almost as well as you do.


What A New, Tech-Driven Approach to Diversity Training Could Mean for Healthcare | Blog

This VR-based tool is changing the way major companies like eBay, Amazon and Google are approaching diversity training.


2017 Digital Trend Update: Pokémon Go Turns 1 | Blog

Pokémon Go's first birthday marks a chance to reevaluate how Augmented Reality (AR) is evolving today and tomorrow's digital marketing


Mixed Reality: A Shoppers Dream or Nightmare? | Blog

If you are in the U.S., you are probably reading this while standing in line with millions of others for the country’s ultimate day of consumerism – Black Friday.


CES 2022: Top 5 Takeaways for Healthcare Innovators | Blog

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was back in near-full force this year.


A Look at New Pandemic-fueled Approaches to Addressing Physician Burnout | Blog

While burnout among HCPs isn’t new, its rapid acceleration is forcing us to address it with a new level of urgency and empathy.


CES - Trade Show Presentation Tech | Blog

CES 2016 was chock full of many different types of technology new and newer, but just as interesting to me, was the technologies that presented the technology.


The Fanciest Footwork in Brazil Can't Be Found in Rio… | Blog

With worldwide buzz being created by the 2016 Olympics in Rio, it would be easy to assume that Brazil’s biggest miracle in recent memory must involve an Olympian.

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