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Outsiders are Getting into the Game | Blog

Last month the Cleveland Clinic held their annual Medical Innovation Summit.


Is The Top Creativity In Health Competing at Lions Health? | Blog

Are healthcare creativity awards second-class citizens to other creativity awards?


A Healthcare App That's Downright Snuggly | Blog

Ok, maybe Huggable is more than an app.


When Donating Life is Not Enough | Blog

Falling blood donations across the globe are forcing companies to reconsider their approach to getting people to donate blood.


Creating a VR Experience? | Blog

In creating any experience, there’s an element of storytelling.


The Doctor Will Stream You Now | Blog

Periscope (a Twitter company) allows users to view the world through another person’s eyes.


Google Search Ad Updates and the Implications for Pharma Brands | Blog

Google is making significant changes to their paid advertising that stands to greatly impact pharmaceutical paid search campaigns.


Alternative Approaches With Proactive Measures | Blog

Balance has always been a key topic of discussion whenever I discuss the millennial generation and their attitudes regarding health and wellness.


Why Your Next Doctor's Appointment May Get Crowded | Blog

The amount of time that physicians are able to share with patients is in constant jeopardy.


Infection Detection: What's next for wound care? | Blog

Fabric with color-changing aspects have been tinkered with in the fashion industry for some time now.


White wine with your colonoscopy prep? | Blog

People ask Google things they wouldn’t ask their doctor, their partner or even their priest.


HIPAA Compliant Data from the Apple Watch | Blog

Over the past couple months I’ve been lucky enough to give the Apple Watch a trial run.


Employer-Based Clinics: A Win-Win | Blog

An hour with the doctor?


In Pursuit of a Less Prickly Experience | Blog

It’s not surprising that the diabetes space is fertile ground for innovation.


Half of All Drug Spending Will Be At Specialty Pharmacies | Blog

The next big shift in healthcare experience may be happening at the pharmacy – but not a pharmacy you’ll ever see in person.


Your patient may also like… | Blog

Predictive analytics.


Seizure Detection at Arm's Length | Blog

Medical sensors are infamous for being bulky and not mobile-friendly.


The Empowered Patient Experience of Tomorrow | Blog

The healthcare startup, Grand Rounds, pairs patients with identified healthcare experts that are uniquely qualified to provide them the care they need.


The Growing Shift: Going Beyond Traditional Visits | Blog

As the expectations of our modern patient (both young and old) continue to change, the market is being forced to make adaptations.


The Most Stylish Health Trackers | Blog

I’ve been tracking my daily steps with a Fitbit Charge for about half a year now – Sometimes accidentally leaving it at home when I anticipate a day with little activity.


Cleaner houses = better doctors? | Blog

If we have a favorite idea shop out there, it’s got to be Jump.


A Pocket-sized Nutritionist | Blog

Track this, monitor that.


Brands Taking Notice of the Power of Instagram | Blog

Working in a company that puts “speaking people” a priority makes you pay special attention to ways that people and brands are relating to each other.


Innovation to see Inside | Blog

As anyone that has ever given blood knows, the last thing you want is for the medical professional to have a hard time finding a good vein.


How Reliable are Mobile Medical Apps? | Blog

Are you using a mobile app to track a health condition, get medical advice, or simply to stay in shape?


Four TV Spots Pharma Could Learn From | Blog

Right now ad lovers can’t get enough of Under Armour’s Michael Phelps tribute, but we’re looking at a couple of other spots that seem to have learn-worthy gems for healthcare in them – one of them part of the very same campaign.


DPE15: Strategy Behind the Kim Kardashian Post | Blog

It’s not often that a social media strategy idea really goes viral – let alone gets 752 million social impressions, tens of thousands of interactions, international media coverage and a letter from the FDA.


DPE15: AZhelps Celebrates 6 Years on Twitter | Blog

AstraZeneca has been investing in supporting people via social media for 6 years.


Pharma Creating Startups for Innovation | Blog

Genentech is a company we’ve covered quite a few times for their innovative experiences and general attitude toward healthcare.


DPE15: How Pfizer Innovates With Play | Blog

Dan Seewald, Director of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, was one of the first to take the stage at Digital Pharma East this year.