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Is Messaging the Next UI? | Blog

As a designer I tend to spend quite a bit of time on sites like Dribbble and ProductHunt looking for the next trend in design, and often losing track of time going down some rabbit hole on the internet in search of who created what and why.


Syneos Health Releases 2018 Commercial Trends Forecast | In The Media

The Commercial Forecast Joins a Series of Consumer, Digital, Communications and Healthcare Trends Reports that Reveals Shifts in Media and Medicine Impacting Stakeholder Engagement


Trends Changing Healthcare | Blog

Live from Cannes Lions Health: Andrea Bell, Director of Insight and Executive Editor at WGSN, shared her perspective on the top five trends changing healthcare.


Integrated commercial deployment in life sciences and other 2020 health trends | In The Media

Taken from our 2020 Healthcare Trends Report, this article explores integrated commercial deployment in life sciences.


Which trends will impact pharma marketers in 2018? | In The Media

Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation, is featured in the FiercePharma article talking about trends that will impact pharma marketers in 2018.


HxP Picks: Trends, TEDMED, and personal stories | Blog

A few of the favorites to hit our inboxes this week


MM&M’s Top 2018 Healthcare Trends in 2 Minutes or Less | Blog

Several of the highlights go hand-in-hand with our own 2018 Trends.


Trends Matter: A reflection on our trends process | Blog

Our team worked with more than 200 of our Syneos Health partners from Los Angeles to Munich to Osaka to identify changes in behavior, technology and the landscape.


2020 Health Trends | Perspectives

The Biggest Shifts Changing Lives and Life Sciences


Trend Tracking: Dr Batman and AI Robin | Blog

One of our top 2017 Healthcare Trends, “Dr Batman and AI Robin” outlined the ways in which artificial intelligence is really starting to change the way diseases are assessed, diagnosed, and treated.


Trend: Rise of real world data and the new KOL | Blog

One of the biggest practice-based trends we’re watching was born of a shift in insurer strategy.


Novartis, J&J, and Merck Find Brand-New Data, Showcase Big Healthcare Shifts as Described in the 2019 Health Trend Ten from Syneos Health | Blog

Forecasting next year’s biggest shifts within the healthcare landscape, Syneos Health has released 2019 Health Trend Ten, available for download now, which explicates ten of the trends that will redefine healthcare globally.


2017 Trend Reports are Here! | Blog

Data and predictive analytics are rapidly evolving how we target customers and develop integrated communications plans that flow seamlessly across channels.


Trends for pharma in 2019? | In The Media

This article from FiercePharma talks about the release of 2019 Health Trend Ten eBook by Syneos Health, which outlines critical shifts impacting drug development and commercialization.



Understanding how people’s expectations are changing allows companies to capture new market opportunities, take smart risks and spur innovation.



Data and predictive analytics are rapidly evolving how we target customers and develop integrated communications plans that flow seamlessly across channels.


Uncovering Trends in Diabetes Monitoring | Blog

Unique partnerships have become the flagship of any great healthcare success.


Meeker's Perennial Internet Trends Report Adds New Digital Health Section for 2017 | Blog

Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends presentation captured new insights into dozens of digital advancements in healthcare


Trend Tracking: Aesthetic Expectation | Blog

For decades, consumers have been showing more and more willingness to pay higher prices for products designed with more sophistication.


Trend: Still Don't Get It | Blog

Informed consent in healthcare is easily understood, right?


Current Trending “Health-bots” | Blog

As health companies merge healthcare into the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, it is interesting to see how new platforms and tools learn from their predecessors and continually make monumental steps in the right direction.


8 Flipboard Magazines for Healthcare Trends | Blog

The amount of media consumption is at all time highs due to the increasing accessibility we have to the internet.


New Report: Communications Trends 2016 | Blog

This report could be subtitled: wow, we can do that?!


2014 Healthcare Trends: Exclusive iBook | Blog

We’re excited to share our top eight predictions on the big shifts that will change expectations for healthcare marketing and communications in 2014.


2018 Trend Tracking – Better Experience In Store | Blog

Amazon announced last week the unveiling of their new cashier-less store, Amazon Go.


An Apple A Day To Monitor Glucose | Blog

Apple is using the Apple Watch within a secret group of biomedical engineers at Apple to revolutionize the way we monitor blood glucose levels: without a pin prick.


Trend Tracking: Caregivers Are Micro Influencers Too | Blog

Researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis recently announced a new tool available for Alzheimer’s patients’ caregivers – a ‘friend-sourcing’ app to help make more meaningful connections and open a new door for communicating and supporting one another.


New Report: Sales Rep Trends and Best Practices | Blog

Earlier this summer, I had a great conversation with Matt Cash, an ambitious innovator who has designed everything from better sales tools to more addictive sports fantasy games.


2017 Trends Update: More Than Measure Roundup | Blog

New entrants in the wearable market are changing patients' lives for the better


Want To Promote Understanding? | Blog

His satirical, epic novels tend to be both absurd and very real explorations of the way we live now.