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Smarter Labels, Smarter Shoppers | Blog

One trend that we’ve been tracking lately is The Return of Food — how fear of the “Big Food” boogeyman has led to dramatic shifts in eating habits.


Real Patient Stories Help Ground Tomorrow's Doctors | Blog

Many doctors-to-be spend the first several years of medical school entrenched in rigorous academic activity, but miles away from any living, breathing patients.


Key elements of engaging healthcare employees | In The Media

In this article published in the October 2017 edition of O'Dwyer's magazine, Cynthia Isaac, Head of Corporate Communications Practice, talks about why engagement of healthcare employees is such a challenge and discusses three global trends that are at play.


The Pharmacist’s Role Continues to Evolve | Blog

As our team prepares for the release of our 2019 Trend Reports in the coming weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on several of the highlights from our 2018 Reports that garnered extra attention and sparked the most ideas with our clients.


Wellness Without Even Breaking a Sweat | Blog

The British fitness chain’s newest program is exemplifying our 2017 Consumer Trend Sleep’vangelism.


Pain Beyond Numbers | Blog

And while we typically think of these alternative forms of communication as fun and frivolous, there is a growing trend amongst chronically ill patients to leverage these tools.


Women of The Week Podcast: Kim Johnson | In The Media

Kim Johnson, President at GSW, a Syneos Health Company, discusses some the key trends that will impact healthcare advertising, the role of transformative technology, and the core values that drive her and her teams to do good work.


July 2019: How Does Pharma Demonstrate Value to the Payer in the Current Environment? | Newsletters

The trend towards consolidation means there are fewer opportunities for pharmaceutical brands to tell their story and demonstrate their product’s value.


The Untapped Patient Recruiting Tool in the Age of the Informed Patient: Forums | In The Media

Learn more on this trend from Marie Emms and Rowena Kam in the Journal for Clinical Studies (page 50).


January 2019: What Can the Biopharmaceutical Industry Expect in 2019? | Newsletters

This led us to take a new approach for this year’s Health Trend Ten – providing end-to-end biopharmaceutical industry perspectives.


Ford's Experiential Event Raises the Bar | Blog

Our “Experience It” 2017 Communications trend covered the rapid increase in experiential marketing tactics that have been taking over physical spaces everywhere from bus stops to beauty shops.


Patients Getting More Access | Blog

Patient engagement has been a common theme in our trend reports.


How Does Pharma Demonstrate Value to the Payer in the Current Environment? | Perspectives

The trend toward consolidation means there are fewer opportunities for pharma brands to tell their story and demonstrate their product’s value.


Six Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Patients | In The Media

In this article from eyeforpharma's Trends in Patient Centricity magazine, A.



We’re a few weeks away from publishing our annual Trends Reports.


Trend: A new role for artifacts in marketing | Blog

I borrowed this little gem from the bulletin board in my office.


Trending Now: Get the 555 on SXSW | Blog

SXSW brought us new gadgets and apps galore.


Too-Small-To-Fail Steps To De-Stress | Blog

Live from Cannes Lions Health: P&G and Thrive Global launched a new initiative: they’ll be working across six of their well-known brands to bring habit-stacking to consumers, helping to move their products from part of everyday mindless routines to something more meaningful.


2017 Congress Tech & Digital: What's Hot, What's Not | Blog

In an age of increasingly accountable marketing, there’s a continuing focus on making this spend as effective as possible, and we see two trends in the way that organisations are approaching their meeting investments.


A New Tool for Connecting Caregivers | Blog

Last year we reported on a growing trend—the “caregiver crunch.”


Amazon ventures into Brick and Mortar | Blog

You may have read a little about this in one of our latest consumer trends called “Books Make a Comeback.”


inVentiv Health PR: Navigating the Age of New Populism | Blog

Meg Alexander, who leads the Issues Management practice at inVentiv Health Public Relations, was recently featured in O’Dwyer’s for her work that has identified some unique and emerging trends in this “age of new populism.”


Insight-Driven Communications and the Data Imperative | Perspectives

Christie Anbar, Managing Director of Chamberlain Healthcare PR, Syneos Health, participated in a recent MM&M TrendTalks roundtable focused on “spend and trends” in the areas of healthcare professional (HCP), patient and payer marketing.


4 trends driving industry priorities in 2018 | In The Media

Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation, is featured in the article talking about how commercial transformation could reach new heights in 2018 as new expectations (and possibilities) reshape traditional models.


Tools for Shared Decision Making | Blog

One of the trends the innovation team is tracking is “More Involved Patients” – the increasing expectation of patients to be active participants in their healthcare.


The Screen Effect: Our Phones Are Changing Us | Blog

We’re big trend spotters at HxP, always looking for clues into what’s changing people’s expectations for experiences and connections.


A New (positive) Pharma Company Influence – Consumer Brands Entering Healthcare | Blog

And as MM&M summarizes, it is only a trending positively.


New Strategic Blueprint: The New First Questions | In The Media

Latest PMLive article features Thunicia Moodley (Senior Engagement Manager, Consulting) outlining the new strategic blueprint, from Syneos Health's 2020 Health Trends, and how development and commercialization of novel therapies and innovations will change in the next year.


Medical Data Processing Disrupted by Amazon | Blog

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled new machine-learning tools reflecting—and beginning to tackle—some of the greatest challenges facing modern medicine.


Experiments in creativity | Blog

Live from Cannes Lions: Can you joke about death?