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Are Wearables Wearing Thin? | Blog

Brands of all shapes and sizes have tapped into the heavily saturated market of wearable technology.


Eco-Friendly Business Gets the Green Light | Blog

As the best ones become more accessible and affordable, new trends develop in their place.


The Future of Subscription Services: From Cars to Care | Blog

The recent shift towards subscription offerings in the consumer marketplace is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.


HxP Picks: Best campaigns outside of pharma | Blog

Clues are anything that hints at a changing consumer need or a new possibility in experience created by trends or technology.


PHARMA TRENDS 2020—2025: Four Headwinds Driving Healthcare Transformation — and What We’re Doing | Blog

How COVID-19 and 3 other barriers will transform healthcare over the next few years.


Precision Medicine Initiative Creating Custom Cures | Blog

A $60 million federal program is aiming to bring the benefits of precision medicine to a diverse spread of Wisconsin communities.


Going Beyond The Screens | Blog

Last year, one of the most recognizable and notable trends we uncovered was that people from all across the globe were becoming multi-screen users, physicians included.


The Return of the House Call | Blog

Since then, we’ve seen this trend continue to gain momentum.


A Dollar to Keep the Ads Away | Blog

Last year we identified “ad-blocking” as one of the big communications trends for 2016 (download our report here), and there has been absolutely no shortage of news, perspectives, and soundbites to support this prediction.


The BIG Data Motivator | Blog

We have been following this for a while, even created SnackStats on the trend, but it keeps popping up.


More than a Buzzword | Blog

The trend toward Virtual Reality experiences is continuing to rise and has become more than just another techie buzzword.


HxP Picks: Gaming, NFC, caregiving, more | Blog

Don’t miss all these great finds from our contributors, including a potentially huge break-through in cancer care, a big trend of men as caregivers, intriguing new ad formats, a new take on junk food, and more.


What Nutrition Professionals Are Cooking Up: A FNCE Recap | Blog

The event gathered more than 10,000 nutrition experts to discuss important trends, research and insights in food and health.


RHS: Non-Doctors On Demand | Blog

On demand services have been a trend that just continues to pick up steam and the we’ve noticed healthcare being no exception.


Can Brands Embrace Simplicity? | Blog

One trend Allidura Consumer, a Syneos Health(TM) company, has been watching closely is how people are embracing simplicity—in ways big and small.


Apple Watch Accessory Receives FDA Approval | Blog

The FDA approved the first ever watch accessory, an Apple watch band that not only reads your EKG, but will communicate with your physician if results are abnormal.


Pharma Comms Should Forget Its Social Media Fomo and Realize That They’re the Gold Standard | In The Media

You’re not missing out in your use of social media in pharma comms, says Duncan Arbour, our SVP Innovation, Europe.


Will Wearables Follow the Path of Tablets? | Blog

With their uninspiring adoption rates and user drop-off trends averaging just 6 months, saying that the future looks bleak for wearables is, in my opinion, putting it lightly.


VR Gets With the Times | Blog

Last year, one of the major digital trends that we were tracking was the VR tipping point.


How Many Things Are You Doing Right Now? | Blog

Matt, Mike and I recently teamed up to build a presentation on ten of the most intriguing trends we’re following right now.


Dehydrated, sleep deprived and full of nachos? | Blog

One Super Bowl game, 1.33 billion chicken wings and 12.5 million pizzas later, we know the feeling all too well.


Bite Sized Content Wins Over Twitter Fans | Blog

Read how one brand captured the hearts of fans with bite-sized digestible content on Twitter over a sensitive topic.


The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Chris Iafolla, Head of Digital & Social Strategy at Syneos Health Communications, comments on the usage of chatbot technology in the pharmaceutical industry.


Dare to Compare | Blog

Social scientists have found that seeing comparative data is a more effective route to behavior change than making more rules.


As Moods Shift Around COVID, Pharma Makes New Social Plans | Blog

As some people near the end of their third month of lockdown, many COVID-19-related trends are starting to look quite different than they did toward the beginning of the pandemic.


Outsiders are Getting into the Game | Blog

One of the big themes this year at the summit was innovations from healthcare outsiders, something that we have focused on quite a bit since naming it a trend a little over a year ago.


The Syneos Health Podcast: 2020 Health Trends: Box Store Healthcare | Perspectives

The point of care has been steadily shifting away from where the clinic exists to wherever the patient goes.


Syneos Health: ‘Heightened influx of information’ drives 2019 trends, challenges | In The Media

Access to an increasing amount of information is catalyzing research, while also lending to higher levels of professional burnout on behalf of health care professionals, says company executive.


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Inspire New Value in Healthcare through Tech Innovation | Blog

An inside look into where tech innovation is bringing real value to healthcare and how pharma brands are keeping up with the pace.


Your Next Social Post Could Result in an Instadiagnosis | Blog

A new study by a graduate student with the Harvard University psychology department reports that social media posts can provide clues as to whether or not a user is likely to suffer from depression.