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Emoji Overload | Blog

Think that emoji’s have jumped the shark?


Spring Pharma Forecast: Partly Cloudy with Gusts of Transparency | Blog

TWTW team spent this weekend doing some spring cleaning in the hopes that it would bring us East Coasters some, well, spring…Fingers crossed that a little wishful thinking and the removal of some pretty major dust bunnies will get the warm weather vibes coming our way.


CVS and Walgreens Store Layout Takes on a New Health-Centric Design | Blog

Popular retailers such as Toys R’ Us and Gap have found themselves on the list, falling victim to a new trend in favor of online shopping and virtual services.


Radical Re-Orgs | In The Media

Future commercial models will see radical reorganisation in the coming years.


inVentiv Health partners with Concentric in bid for better predictive marketing | In The Media

This FiercePharma article talks about how inVentiv Health Communications is using predictive data capabilities for marketing in partnership with Concentric.



On first reflection, the word populist may conjure vague recollections from sophomore year American history class and images of Huey Long from cobweb-covered corners of the memory.


Think small: The individual experience of care | Blog

The challenges we have to solve in healthcare are enormous: an epidemic of chronic disease, inequity in care, a rapidly aging population, the list goes on and on.


The Great Generational Divide | Blog

The 2015 Makovsky survey “Pulse of Online Health,” reveals willingness amongst Americans to share health data and leverage new technology in order to better their own health.


Fierce Pharma Marketing Tees up Trends for 2021—and Big News, They're Not All COVID-19-Related | In The Media

In this Fierce Pharma article, Leigh Householder at Syneos Health, shares: “It really is a pivot point.


Merck: Inventing For Life | Blog

A recent survey conducted by pharmaceutical company, Merck, revealed only 5% of respondents cited medicine as the next greatest invention.


Behavior Change: When Mapping the Patient Journey Isn't Enough | Blog

Behavioral economics research is identifying new drivers for how we make healthcare decisions.


Tailoring The Voice To The Task | Blog

Should pharmaceutical brands think beyond the traditional voice options and add personality and even choices based on each individuals preference?


New Survey Results - Media: The Least Trusted Institution | Blog

Recently revealed results from the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, for the first time ever, showcase the media viewed as the least trusted source for information.


North America | Region

North America


Cleveland Clinic: Prioritizing The Patient Experience | Blog

The Cleveland Clinic was the first major academic medical center to make patient experience a strategic goal, hire and appoint a Chief Experience Officer, and one the first to establish an Office of Patient Experience.


PharmaVOICE Year in Preview 2018 | In The Media

Kenneth Fisher, VP Director of Technology - GSW, Patrick Richard, Managing Director of Data Science and Rebecca Rehder, EVP Director of Client Services, are featured in the November/December 2017 issue of PharmaVOICE.


Social Media, Value and the Future of Healthcare Communications | In The Media

Julian Suchman, Digital & Social Strategy, inVentiv Health PR, takes a closer look at the new communication priorities required to thrive in the new value landscape.


AI + Genetics + Patients = Win | Blog

A few weeks back, the digital healthcare company Optra Health announced the launch of OptraGURU, its newest platform that leverages the AI tech of its iPhronesis offering with Amazon Alexa’s natural language skills.


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020: Insight Driven Patient-Centricity | Blog

Interested in how life science companies are approaching patient-centricity at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2020?


Approved: First CBD-based Prescription Drug, for Treatment of Epilepsy | Blog

A landmark approval by the FDA will put the first marijuana-derived prescription drug behind pharmacy counters this fall.


The Apple-CareKit: A revolution in health care? | Blog

The secret power of innovations: The Apple-CareKit: A revolution in health care?


Carbon-Negative by 2030: How AstraZeneca Will Do It | Blog

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), AstraZeneca announced a powerful new initiative comprised of a five-year plan and a ten-year plan.


Amazon’s (Potential) Entry Into the Healthcare Market Sparks New Competition | Blog

As Amazon positions themselves as (potential) healthcare players, several brick and mortar pharmacies shift with new partnerships and business models.


Download this and call me in the morning | Blog

One of the few places we still get homework as adults is the doctor’s office.


Is Patient Portal Usage Low? | Blog

I’m a fan of patient portals.


Crowdsourcing Cancer Clinical Trials | Blog

What if you had a proven (data driven) cocktail of approved non-cancer drugs that were saving lives but you couldn’t promote them because you can’t label them as a cancer drugs?


Allergan: See America & Prevent Blindness | Blog

61 million Americans are at risk of severe vision loss – more than the populations of California and Florida combined.


Is it too late now to say sorry? | Blog

With the year rapidly coming to a close, we’ve decided to take you on a trip down memory lane to recap the biggest stories and trends of 2017.