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What happens in Vegas… | Blog

Las Vegas is a city that seems to exist in a parallel universe - and even celebrates this with the marketing slogan of “What happens here, stays here.”


The Week That Was: Flying Cat-a-strophe | Blog

It’s been a little over a year since the first crash of a Boeing 737 Max in Indonesia.


A Super (Bowl) Moment for Healthcare | Blog

GSW, part of Syneos Health Communications, and St.


Social Media Influencers - Patients As Promoters | Blog

Earlier this year, Wego Health launched a new platform that connects patients with healthcare entities with one goal: connect the patient’s experience with said entity to the patient’s social networks.


FDA Considering Easing Side Effect Requirements in DTC Ads | Blog

Earlier this week, the FDA announced they are proposing a new study to look at whether patients are being bombarded and over-warned within direct to consumer prescription advertisements.


In Pursuit of a Less Prickly Experience | Blog

It’s not surprising that the diabetes space is fertile ground for innovation.


Is An Uber For Healthcare Possible? | Blog

As just about everything is handled remotely, start-up organizations continue to make the news by implementing Uber-style experiences and on-demand healthcare services.


Do They Need an Invitation? | Blog

Have you ever watched how people interact with touchscreens at a tradeshow booth?


GoodRx and Iodine Bring Transparency To Drug Pricing | Blog

With a low public tolerance to drug pricing in the recent news, two companies joined forces to help combat the difficult subject when discussing pharmaceutical pricing: transparency.


Lilly - The Hero's Journey Art Project | Blog

Several trends we’re following this year are focused around the patient’s voice and bringing it in early and often.


Innovation & Insights | Shared-accelerator



TEDx: Hidden Possibilities In Everyday Clues | Blog

I recently had the opportunity to attend and speak at a very unforgettable TEDx event.


Mixed App Adoption Rates Among Caregivers | Blog

New research from Parks Associates reveals some interesting information about the usage of care-related apps in the caregiver population.


Why do you Choose a Doctor? | Blog

In a recent article by the executive chairman of Vitals, Mitch Rothschild wrote about what is being done to measure the quality in healthcare, but more specifically how that effects patients.


GSK Takes the First Dive Into Apple's ResearchKit | Blog

GSK has announced the launch of a new research app that will leverage Apple’s open sourced ResearchKit platform to monitor patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


Pfizer: Answering New Expectations | Blog

As marketers, we’re always asking one basic question: What do people want right now?


Another "Bad Guy" Is Changing Minds | Blog

We wear a pretty big black hat as an industry.


Teach-back: How A Group of Nurse Educators is Getting Through | Blog

“Tell me what you heard”.


Pharmacies…The Last Line of Defense in Dangerous Drug Interactions | Blog

A recent study conducted by the Chicago Tribune revealed pharmacies missed dangerous drug interactions 52% of the time.


Less Waiting In The Waiting Room | Blog

The word “PATIENT” comes from the Latin word patiens, meaning ‘I am suffering.’


Eyeforpharma 2019: Dan Spacie | In The Media

What pressures are prompting changes in commercialization and in what ways do pharmaceutical companies need to change in order to keep up?


What Can Pharma Expect in 2019? | In The Media

In this eyeforpharma article, David Thompson, SVP, Real World and Late Phase, at Syneos Health, says that pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs) will be a growth area in 2019.


Med Ad News: Healthcare Agency Roundtable | In The Media

Med Ad News interviewed Sonja Foster-Storch, President of GSW North America and fellow 2018 Manny Award winners for the Healthcare Agency Roundtable highlighted in their December issue.


Executive Summary - Vision 2020: The Orphan Drug Forecast | Perspectives

Key Factors Shaping the U.S.


PillPack Now Owned By Amazon | Blog

In a move to once again place their stake a bit deeper into the healthcare landscape, Amazon recently announced the purchase of the successful online pharmacy, PillPack.


A New Opioid Dependency Screening App For HCPs | Blog

Each day, it is estimated more than 115 people in the US die from an opioid overdose.


Humana Introduces New Value-Based Compensation Model | Blog

Value and outcomes-based care is making headlines recently.


Answers By Cigna – Improving Health Literacy with AI | Blog

In a recent 2017 study about health literacy, 20% of respondents reported they didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘premium’.


Rideshare For Healthcare | Blog

Uber and Lyft both recently announced new ventures in the healthcare space.


Using 46 Billion Data Points to Predict Hospital Medical Outcomes | Blog

Google recently announced a new research paper where researchers used 46 billion data points to help predict medical outcomes within a hospital setting.