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Voice-Driven Tech Coming to Clinical Trials | Blog

Orbita, a company that helps people create voice-driven experiences for technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, has teamed up with the clinical trial data firm ERT to start to uncover ways in which voice technology can play a role in clinical trials.


The Health Experience Project is back! | Blog

Huge thanks to all of you who have reached out to check in on the very quiet Health Experience Project over the last few weeks.


Is CES showing us the next dream job for doctors? | Blog

You don’t have to look far these days to find another story of a frustrated physician.


Fake Drug Ads - Can You Spot The Difference? | Blog

The emergence of fake news is a hot topic in, well, the news right now.


The Doctor Will See You Now…Remotely | Blog

A recent Harris Poll survey revealed a majority of the over 4,100 respondents prefer accessing a live doctor remotely. 65 percent of respondents are interested in seeing their doctor via video visit – that number rose to 74 percent with respondents that have children.


Internet of Things: A Growing Market and the Future of Care | Blog

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new concept.


Your Wallet Just Became Thinner | Blog

When I watched the Apple Keynote last week, it wasn’t the highly media-hyped Apple Watch, but the Apple Pay feature, that caught my attention.


Facebook, A Healthcare Community? | Blog

With the launch of Apple’s Healthkit, mobile app developers are quickly integrating their technologies with the iOS upgrade.


The Social Oncology Report: ASCO and Beyond | Blog

MDigitalLife (a division of the W20 Group) recently conducted an examination of specific cancer communities online.


Loyalty to a Hospital | Blog

In service based industries loyalty cards are table stakes nowadays.


'Be The Match' is finding donors in a "Snap" | Blog

‘Be The Match’ is a nonprofit organization that hosts a bone marrow registry to help blood cancer patients find donor matches.


PM360 Magazine Announces Winners of 2017 Trailblazer Awards | In The Media

Congratulations to 2017 PM360 Trailblazer Awards winners!


An Infographic Look at: Social Medical | Blog

How do you communicate with your doctor?


Refill my Pill | Blog

“There’s an app for that” has become common place these days.


AI + Patients: The Future Is Now | Blog

On January 26th, MIT spinoff Empatica received FDA clearance for its epilepsy-tracking Embrace Watch — making it the first smartwatch approved in neurology in the US.


Big (Baby) Blue Enhances Health Benefits for Parents | Blog

IBM is the latest company to enhance its parental leave benefits.



While it’s common to hear about stores closing these days, Starbucks continues to open them, including their biggest one ever.


Lack of Treatment Options = Lack of Awareness in Osteoporosis | Blog

“Only ‘Old Ladies’ fall and break their bones.”


Growing Number of Cancer Patients are Finding Limited Access to Care | Blog

In 2014, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released a landmark report about the state of cancer care in America.


Brands Taking Notice of the Power of Instagram | Blog

Working in a company that puts “speaking people” a priority makes you pay special attention to ways that people and brands are relating to each other.


Tech for Seniors: Emergency Response | Blog

My parents are nearing 70.


Consumer Brands are Challenging Traditional Practices | Blog

I’ve been frustrated with the process of buying glasses for some time now.


Poll: Are Patients Responding To DTC Drug Ads? | Blog

In a recent poll conducted by market research firm InCrowd revealed that patients are three times more likely to ask about a drug from an ad during a visit than they asked just five years prior.


Fake News Invades Healthcare | Blog

The “fake news” phenomenon is more than just a problem for politics.


Social Media for In-Person Events | Blog

As many of us are in the throws of planning and executing trade shows in the coming months, I thought this study from Freeman XP might come in handy.


A New Approach to Patient Health Portals | Blog

For the last few years, patient portals have been driving a sweeping change in the way patients interact with their health records and communicate with their providers.


Your Smartphone Camera Could Be Able to Detect Diabetes | Blog

Understanding a consumer need for easier access to healthcare, researchers from the University of California in San Francisco are using data from a recent study to explore a new smartphone app that can provide a diagnosis without a trip to the doctor.


New Fitbit & Google Partnership to Improve Patient Outcomes | Blog

Dating back to 1788, wearables have been around helping individuals, even at their most basic, track our steps to help us better keep track of exercise.


The Human Project | Blog

What if you were asked, alongside 10,000 other humans, adding up to 4,000 households, to give access to everything you do for 20 (hopefully) improve the lives of millions?


Team Collaboration in Healthcare | Blog

If patient-centered teams need to perform like special ops forces, why aren’t they equipped for it?”