You may have heard that Biosector 2 is a 2018 finalist for the Holmes Report Agency of the Year. But what’s all the buzz about, and what makes this agency so special?

1. No walls, no titles 

No, this does not just describe our office floorplan. It’s also our motto that truly underpins all of our work together within the agency. And no, I’m not kidding! For example, a few months ago I participated in a new business pitch that allowed me to work closely with some of the most senior leadership at our office. No one thought twice about the fact that I have less than two years’ experience – in fact, they valued my fresh perspective and voice even more!

2. Working with friends…

I can easily say that one of my favorite aspects of B2 is that my coworkers aren’t people who I only see from 9 to 5. We get drinks, we get dinner, we go to each other’s acapella concerts – this is true friendship. Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t anticipate liking them as much as I do.

3. ... On award-winning campaigns…

Did I mention that I also get to work with my friends on bold, innovative campaigns that not only move the needle, but are also recognized for their impact and fresh approach? So far this year we’ve won six awards and have two campaigns in the running as finalists for the SABRE Healthcare Campaign of the Year. But it’s no big deal, or anything…

4. … And exciting product approvals and launches

In the last two years alone, B2 supported 15 FDA actions and 10 EU approvals. And we managed 46 post-launch programs and 21 campaigns focused on reducing disease and treatment stigma.

5. No two days are the same

What can I say? I’m never bored. One day I’m working on a press release for an upcoming drug approval, the next day I’m meeting with our in-house creative team to develop an animated video to explain the nuances of the childhood vaccine schedule to media, and the next I’m triaging a crisis. It’s a huge part of what keeps me coming back for more – I’m never done learning or growing.

6. Free lunch and unlimited snacks

For those who say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, they clearly have never been at B2. Not only are we provided lunch every day, but we even have Seamless twice a week. And, in addition to our ever-overflowing snack drawer, we also have a bi-weekly healthy snack day to keep us going. You can never go wrong with fresh fruit, trail mix and veggie straws. Especially the veggie straws.

7. Dog-friendly vibes

Every Friday I am lucky enough to look across my desk and stare right into the face of B2’s favorite dog and informal mascot, Jazz. He sees into my soul.

8. Location, location, location

Many people think of New York City’s Meatpacking District as a hotspot for bars and clubs. It is also ideal for other things – like going to work every day. The B2 office is surrounded by great restaurants, coffee spots, shops and spots to wander, like Chelsea Market or the Highline. Once a coworker and I even took a jaunt to the David Zwirner gallery for some wine and culture at the end of the day. 

9. The graduate trainee program

The GT program is an incredibly unique opportunity for fresh college graduates, but they’re not the only ones who benefit. All B2ers are invested in the success of our GTs and proud to play roles in their growth. Attending the GT final presentations at the end of their 8-month program is one of my favorite activities – the entire company turns out to support the GT class and watch them share the new business pitches they put together on their own!

10. The interoffice exchange program

B2ers aren’t limited to spending their entire tenure at our New York City office. Anyone can apply to travel and work out of other Syneos HealthTM offices – and we’ve got locations all around the globe. London? Got it. Munich? Yep. Toronto? Of course. These opportunities provide B2 employees the opportunity to network with our colleagues in other cities, learn more about their business and understand the ways in which their unique countries, regulations and structures impact their work.

11. The network

We have access to some of the smartest, most creative and experienced specialists in the business through our shared services with Syneos Health. Our med comms, creative, business development and issues and crisis teams – and so many more – help us stay ahead of the curve with key insights and cutting edge capabilities. I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with our creative team on videos, infographics and even VR projects, and I will happily sing their praises (off key).

12. The mentorship 

Mentorship is a huge focus at B2 for all of us, regardless of years of experience. Because we’re constantly focused on growing and learning, everyone has a mentor – though some may be more formal than others – and, in many ways, everyone acts as a mentor. I can confidently say I’ve got at least four people I regularly turn to for valuable advice and helpful insights with how to tackle a problem, field a client question or approach a complex project. And I’m not a unique case.

13. Our core values 

We have four main core values at B2: don’t settle; adapt or die; keep it real; be all in. But we don’t just stick these tenets up on a wall and go on with our days – we actually live them day in and day out. Our core values define how we approach every aspect of our work: by jumping right in and working tirelessly and passionately to ensure we deliver above and beyond expectations.

14. Our leadership 

B2’s senior leadership is made up by a core group of smart, funny, badass women who are passionate both about their work and their teams. I regularly wander over to their desks to bask in their genius and discuss projects – their accessibility and interest in helping their people grow are entirely unique and set the tone for our fun, supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.

15. Our #B2FunTimes

Of course, you can’t have B2 without the #B2FunTimes: the happy hours, the summer parties, the karaoke nights and the birthday celebrations. Though people call it our secret sauce, it doesn’t seem all that mysterious to me – when you work with your friends, love what you do, feel like a valued contributor and are well-fed, nothing but fun times can follow.

About the Author:

Becca Schwarz has been at Biosector 2 for a year and a half, having graduated from the GT program in March 2017. In her time at B2 she has worked across several different areas of business, including corporate support and strategy, unbranded disease state campaigns, the regulatory process and issues management. Outside of the office, Becca is busy paying too much money for coffee, studying for the GRE and petting dogs on the street.