By now, you’re probably familiar with popular wearables such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch that can track and measure certain health factors while you go about your daily routine. But, what if something like your t-shirt could have similar capabilities? A French health tech company is working on the commercial launch of a smart t-shirt, named Nexkin, designed to track six key physiological indicators in order to help with risk reduction and prevention programs.

In this article, Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife said - “The Nexkin T-shirt makes accurate, unobtrusive continuous health monitoring both affordable and convenient across a wide range of industries and functionalities, from pharmaceutical testing to senior care.”

The machine-washable t-shirts will use wearable technology to incorporate 10 biometric scanners that are continuously able to track heart rate, abdominal and thoracic breathing, body temperature, physical activity and pulmonary impedance. Data from the t-shirt is sent through a Bluetooth connection to the user’s smartphone. The company’s algorithm then processes the data to generate actionable insights that can then be reviewed by a healthcare professional.

“By combining wearable electronics with advanced AI-powered analytics, we’re delivering biometric monitoring capabilities that will revolutionize the way researchers and healthcare professionals interact with patients,” said Vandebrouck in this article.

With the combination of AI-powered analytics and next-generation wearable sensors, Nexkin will have a huge impact for senior care, chronic illness management, occupational health and safety, sports rehabilitation, military training and performance management.

The brand is currently working on obtaining medical certification in the EU and FDA approval in the US.

Why This Matters –

The growing interest in wearable technology has been a major topic of the recent years for those interested in digital health opportunities. Products like Chronolife’s Nextkin help to open the doors to what’s possible as the tech continues to evolve.

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