Syneos Health Communications recently unveiled an in-house creative and content studio offering, BoldSky, powered by Syneos Health. The Integrated creative studio is 100% dedicated to healthcare and expands our global footprint. We sat down with BoldSky Managing Director Lynn Dismore to learn more.

What is BoldSky?
The fully integrated studio is the expanded depth of in-house resources that clients will have access to and is 100% dedicated to healthcare. BoldSky unifies the current US and Canada studios as well as expands a global footprint to include Latin America and connects the Americas and European regions.

Healthcare is in our DNA and we are thrilled to continually be modernizing and expanding our shared creative offerings. Although our studios have been growing brands and businesses since 2009, our new expanded delivery model will not only enable us to bolster talent to keep up with future growth but offer a greater depth of specialty capabilities, ensuring that our clients and people are equipped with all the tools and resources they need to tackle any challenge in healthcare.

What will BoldSky focus on?
BoldSky will remain focused on forging meaningful and memorable communications. Since inception, the studio has scaled to deliver  services to top pharmaceutical companies with a commitment to deliver a streamlined approach to creative execution that ensures relevant and consistent high-quality content across all tactics at scale, at pace and on budget. Capabilities include: creative extensions, social media services, digital implementation, video production, print production and presentation services.

What does fully integrated mean?
Being fully integrated allows us to see every detail of a project come to fruition. We support project execution and implementation, but when needed have the talent on hand to support agencies’ creative origination. In addition to our broad capabilities, we assist agencies in taking a “human” approach – ensuring the personal touch our clients have come to know.

To learn more about BoldSky and its offerings go to:

About the Author:

Elizabeth Stelzer is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Integrated Brand Expression at Syneos Health. She has more than 20 years of experience in executive and corporate communications, public relations and marketing. She has a deep understanding of media relations, issues mitigation and a passion for reputation management.