Smart mirrors aren’t quite new, with many vying for attention and recognition at this year’s CES 2020. But, one stood apart from the crowd – transforming the everyday bathroom into a health and wellness hub. The Poseidon smart mirror is powered by CareOS, a health-centric operating system designed to manage wellness data stored locally on the device. 

“Last year, we liberated the information locked in single-product personal care apps and other disjointed wellness tools, and showed what an integrated digital system for the bathroom could do to improve happiness and long-term health.” said Thomas Serval, CareOS CEO, at CES 2020. “This year, we are making that experience a practical reality for any environment from the smallest powder room to a grand suite at a retail store. This award confirms the importance of making great technology, and making it work for everyone.”

The key to making the smart mirror unique is its use of AR technology through a camera that can map your face with 7,000 different points. Not only does this allow the mirror to use facial recognition to track information across different users, but it also allows it to personalize a number of health and beauty services. 

For example, using the camera, Poseidon can:

  • Track skin details and characteristics
  • Provide hygiene education such as teeth brushing games for kids
  • Display tutorials for nearly everything from proper posture to how-to videos and instructions for makeup application
  • Show trends in weight, with nutrition recommendations
  • Adapt lighting based on mood

While the smart mirror isn’t quite available for purchase just yet, it does represent a bigger trend in healthcare where consumers are investing in products and applications that are turning their home into the next-gen health hub. From smart fridges that track eating habits and build custom-curated grocery shopping lists to telehealth smartphone apps that turn your living room into a virtual doctor’s office, brands are finding ways to bring healthcare home while leveraging new and novel tech that provides these services at the click of a button. With Poseidon adding itself to the list of new at-home health devices, it’s only a matter of time until we see the next big home health product.

About the Author:

Khye Tucker is an Innovation Strategist in Columbus, OH. With a passion for writing and a background in communications, Khye strives to bring brand stories to life through a fresh perspective, innovative thinking and creative storytelling.