New York, NY – The former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is a passionate mother of two, the vice chair of her mother & father’s foundation and is speaking out on a trend we are following in 2017: Period Activism.

As written in our 2017 Consumer Trend ReportMenstruation is having a moment. Activists and everyday women around the world are talk about gender injustices created by how we think and talk about periods.

Mrs. Clinton has become an advocate for women around the world by opening up and creating a more candid conversation around menstruation and breastfeeding. In her recently released article, she discusses the initiatives her foundation is supporting to help remove the stigmas around both subjects.

We need to change the conversation, the practices, and the policies that too often punish women for being women—and prevent mothers from being the moms they want to be for their kids. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by breastfeeding or menstruation, but we should be ashamed that women are suffering in silence because too many people refuse to speak out. Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair, The Clinton Foundation

These initiatives include No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, educating young girls on healthy menstruation management, easier access to resources and empowering them to stay in school (1 in 10 girls in Africa misses school because of a lack of resources).

Why This Matters:

When we set out each year to pull together trendspotters from around the globe and spot trends, we anticipate these trends to evolve. In this case, the evolution involves a key stakeholder – Chelsea Clinton. It is great to see the brands that were the early adopters of this trend setting the expectations with consumers to help create an opportunity to bring in different voices (Mrs. Clinton). Now the question remains as the expectation economy demands – “How and where will brands not currently supporting this trend make an impact?”

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