Cadent is a US Medical Communications company with employees located across the US. The home office is in New York City. Cadent specializes in high science, high touch peer to peer medical communications. The company excels in translating complex science into compelling messages that deliver value and action. Cadent builds relationships and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals. 

The credentialed professionals (PhDs, MDs and PharmDs) at Cadent delve into available evidence, are insight-driven and have a strong understanding of and experience in the pharmaceutical commercialization process. As a result, Cadent provides clients with strategic insight and innovative medical communication solutions for even the most complex products and diseases. Cadent provides content that can be syndicated across all media and channels to deliver solutions to enhance patient care. 

The agency environment can best be described as collaborative, approachable, vibrant, supportive and ever-changing. 


  • Scientific Narrative and Platform Development
  • Investigator's Meetings
  • Competitive Landscape Assessment
  • Peer-To-Peer Communication and Education
  • Advisory Boards and Steering Committees
  • Digital and Social Media Strategy
  • Education Content Development and Execution
  • Promotional and Nonpromotional Materials
  • Publication Strategy and Support
  • Speaker Bureau and Congress Management
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New York City

200 Vesey Street

New York, NY 10281

(212) 462-8718


Wendy Balter, President

[email protected]