Could this work for pharma? It is a question that any marketer in our industry should ask when they see a successful campaign from another industry. Of course, not everything will. Other industries aren’t restricted by the same regulations as pharma. But that doesn’t mean pharma can’t learn marketing lessons from other industries. Sometimes it might mean pushing boundaries, other times it might be something simple but still effective.

PM360 asked respondents with various levels of experience to explore campaigns and tactics used by marketers in consumer packaged goods, retail and other industries to give pharma some fresh ideas. The first three respondents were familiar with both sides of the aisle, having worked for companies or on campaigns outside of pharma as well as within the industry. We asked them to tell us what they learned from outside of pharma that can be applied to our industry. The rest of the respondents were pharma marketers who we asked to tell us what non-pharma campaigns inspired or impressed them, and then let us know what pharma can learn from them.

Steve Nelson, Senior Digital Producer at inVentiv Creative Studios, offers his perspective.

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