PharmaVOICE interviewed five client-agency partnerships to share their stories on how they created the successful pairing. Kim Johnson, President, PALIO, offered her thoughts on the topic: "I believe in the art of partnership. I may be old school that way. But, I believe in being in the foxhole together. And we all know there are more foxholes than ever."

"Do: Trust. Trust each other and assume positive intentions. In any agency/client partnership diversity of experience and ideas come together. Trust that this can lead to business building results — for both sides."

"Don't: Remove your agency prematurely. Never let the annual agency review be the time to communicate expectations and feedback. Feedback is a gift and we should generously provide it to each other regularly. Expect there will be problems. Focus on the solutions. There is too much agency churn in our industry and better goal alignment and open-minded feedback can lead to loyal partnerships and even better work."

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