Everything we know about what a patient decides to do could be wrong.

Kathleen Starr, Managing Director of the Behavioral Insights group at INC Research/inVentiv Health, has been studying patient behavior for her entire career – and she has found that we need to broaden our thinking beyond just the patient’s actions and really think about all of the different things that are really impacting their decisions and their ability to act on those decisions. This social centricity is made up of people's day-to-day lives and the social context in which they live: the family they live with, how they work, that really helps drive a lot of their decisions, how they think about their disease, how do they think about their treatment and then ultimately their real ability to be able to be adherent to therapy. 

Host Jeff Stewart talks with Kathleen about what she found in a two-year ethnographic study of 30 American families, how that is changing the way we think about patient behavior and what pharma companies need to consider in order to evolve the way in which they interact with these patients. 

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