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Year after year, you think it can't possibly be happening again already, but the five original and eight revised calendar invites don't lie: it's time for brand planning! What if there was a better way? At Syneos Health Communications, we think there is.

We've gathered points of view, experiences, and intel from more than a dozen seasoned marketing leaders from across our Syneos Health Communications network of experts. Here, we're aiming to illuminate the flaws of the brand planning status quo, rethink what's missing, and unpack how the chaptered brand planning approach from Syneos Health Communications structurally redefines better and best. We've designed our chaptered 2020 Brand Planning approach from the ground up to elevate the experience and outputs, and ultimately make the whole process (relatively) easy. That way, brands can be conscious about what they're deciding to leave behind as they pursue the areas of reflection—and decision—most important to them. 

Our offering is human through and through, built to work with any inertia on your team, not against it, in order to uncover real-world solutions for patients, providers and payers.