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Increasingly, search and social marketing have taken on an important role in clinical trial patient recruitment. With 75 percent of Americans looking up medical-related information online at least monthly, it makes sense to provide clinical trial information online.1 

From a sponsor’s perspective, search and social marketing offer more granular targeting capabilities, efficient pricing for ad delivery, and variability in creative execution than traditional forms of marketing. But with just 11 percent of clinical trials currently using social media to recruit participants2, there is huge room for growth.

To get to the bottom of content effectiveness, in September 2018 we surveyed 432 potential clinical trial participants in the United States.

Download our latest report to better understand what potential research participants think of receiving clinical trial advertising online, how much they trust different online delivery channels, and what messaging and design elements help motivate potential research participants to notice and click on social media advertisements that lead them toward enrollment in a clinical trial.