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COVID-I9 is Changing How We Work

In just a few weeks, we've moved from:

Large collaborative events  Dispersed, isolated work

Frictionless travel  Significant movement restriction

In-field sales teams  Limited F2F contact

Ways of work we knew well  Rapid change and disruption

Four Rapid Response Approaches To Maintain Business Momentum

New Levers for Leaders

  • Virtual Velocity Sessions
    • Live co-work sessions rapidly fuel ideas and alignment. Retool them for a non-travel era with facilitation and tools created specifically to optimize virtual workshops and meetings.
  • OCX Amplification
    • An increasing number of field teams are reducing or eliminating F2F calls. Maintain reach and frequency with critical customers through more consistent, strategic digital and contact center communications.
  • Think Bank Answers
    • Disruption is fueling lots of new questions about the best commercial strategies for the moment and the years ahead. Wrap a team of experts and evidence around your organization to rapidly prioritize new ways.
  • Skill Builder Boosts
    • Earning customer attention and behavior change may be harder than ever. Empower teams and employees with quick-start trainings on stakeholder engagement and behavioral science.