Not since the advent of the internet has a technological advancement left the world with as much wonderment as uncertainty and curiosity as Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its rapidly evolving broad spectrum of capabilities, we all share the same question, regardless of role or industry: How can we harness the power of AI to work to our advantage and ultimately create better outcomes?

To help demystify the power of AI, Addison Whitney hosted an AI-infused workshop, Harnessing the Power of AI for Brand Design, at 2023 Digital Pharma East’s Power-Up Day. Through the lens of brand identity and strategy, the branding agency took conceptual thinking and put it into practical application: Attendees of the workshop helped craft a brand identity through leveraging AI as a part of the creative development process.

But, as seen throughout the workshop, true success with generative AI requires knowing when to step away and leverage human insight and technical know-how to transform output into a successful brand. The following download highlights just that: Click to see how Addison Whitney, the team responsible for brands like BD’s embecta and Hikma’s KLOXXADO, leverages the power of generative AI alongside human insight for optimal brand results.

Download the report to learn more.