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The value of our Think Bank methodology is particularly pronounced in the time of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 crisis will create a wealth of data and experience gathered over an accelerated —and intense—period of time. This high density of new insights will yield a tremendous opportunity when we start returning to normal. We’ll all emerge from this experience changed. And our changed understandings can help accelerate innovation and create the kind of competitive advantage that’s sustainable post-pandemic.

The bespoke and focused engagements of Think Bank can help turn the experience of organizational crisis brought by COVID-19 into a rare opportunity. We’re all rapidly evolving our ways of work to adapt to the new global reality. As we do so, some key questions emerge.

  • What has proved to work in a more efficient and effective way?
  • How did providers, patients, and other customers react? 
  • What new, concrete opportunities have arisen? 
  • In light of the current moment, how can we cultivate and socialize a deep understanding of the true needs of our stakeholders? 
  • What can we learn from how organizations outside of healthcare are responding to the crisis? 

These are just some of the questions which, considered deeply and cross-functionally, can start to illuminate important lessons and strategies to glean from the current moment. Think Bank’s structured exercises, cross-functional expertise, distilled research and more help guide the innovation that doctors and patients need from us now more than ever.

We’ve all had this moment: an incredible opportunity to change lives or impact markets presents itself, but the resources to achieve it seem much more elusive. Limits on time, access to talent and depth of experience can leave a team struggling to quickly identify the right path forward. 

That’s where Think Bank comes in. It’s a program designed to fast-track learning and discovery, focus in on highest potential ideas, and earn the commitment of each project stakeholder.

In short, Think Bank is an agile way to answer complex questions. It pairs a rapid learning cycle with a collaborative workshop both in person and in a virtual environment.