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The ability to connect and collaborate digitally has never been more critical than it is at this moment. 

Business as we know it has been drastically interrupted. But organizations must  press onward to make good on commitments to the patients, stakeholders and shareholders they serve. Achieving success in the current global context now hinges  on “the virtual meeting” – the most important method for teams to stay connected, troubleshoot, and drive results. While this new, no-travel era is an interruption for  many organizations, it’s status quo for first-mover companies whose business  models depend on virtual operations.

As we can see, geographic dispersion and digital collaboration are trends that  have been in motion for some time; current circumstances have forced these  ways of working into mass adoption. The good news: we can glean best practices  for virtual collaboration from companies—in and out of healthcare—that have  already experimented and seen success.