Why do people make good (and bad) decisions about their health? How can we help motivate them to change and give them the resilience to try and try again? Our industry and our world are obsessed with those questions right now.

Kathleen Starr, PhD, Managing Director, Behavioral Insights and Leigh Householder, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Insights and Innovation at Syneos Health, tackle these tough questions in their new book, Why We Resist.  In this episode, they talk about key principles of influence on behavior (things we all have in common), the behavioral science of segmentation (what makes us different), and how healthcare communicators can apply this knowledge to move their customers from a position of resistance to one of activation.

For a deeper dive into new ways to design communications, interventions and programs to help people make better, more confident decisions about their health, check out Why We Resist, available at Amazon and other retailers. All proceeds will benefit the STARR Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating meaningful change in the field of mental health.