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Our 10th annual trends report came out just over six months ago— in what may now feel like a distant world.

Hundreds of frontline experts weighed in on the biggest emerging trends redefining the healthcare landscape, just before the novel coronavirus redefined everyday life across the globe. Best practices like virtual collaboration, remote work, and social distancing promptly became the norm in many fields.

But what’s happened in healthcare commercialization and in the field at the center of it all? How has our field changed to support overwhelmed hospitals, doctors working in overdrive, caregivers in need of guidance, and patients with COVID-19 and other diseases needing the same support as always?

For some answers, we can actually turn back to 2020 Health Trends.

The COVID-19-era demands may have upended much of our everyday lives, but as an industry we’re seeing our charted trends not upended but amplified, accelerated, and more actionable than ever. They show us where to focus our efforts with the healthcare stakeholders who need our help through this period of challenge and strain. The tremendous change that occurred in these past months is change that we already knew we needed to make. It’s change that once felt like it would take place gradually and eventually, but is now considered essential business.

2020 Health Trends still offers the most comprehensive view of how the healthcare space is evolving this year – but here are three trends we’re feeling the most acutely right now.