Do you really know how it feels to be a caregiver? To serve as nurse, guardian, assistant, therapist, babysitter, maid, chef, advisor, and on and on? Caregivers are an integral part of care teams and are involved in everything from medication choices to adherence strategies. Yet, even as life sciences companies focus on patient centricity, caregivers have often been left out of the conversation. There are specific and undeniable burdens on caregivers that evolve with their experience over time. 

Syneos Health conducted research to better understand the burdens created for caregivers and identify specific information on resource gaps that could proactively be addressed by healthcare companies. The 1,380-respondent survey produced some incredible insights and we draw on that research in our latest report

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Our Latest Perspectives 

WHO’S REALLY AT THE CENTER? What We Can Learn From Caregivers—The Missing Link to Patient Centricity
Our report shares five lessons from the caregiver experience that illuminate key considerations surrounding effective caregiver, and ultimately patient-centric, communications.

The Syneos Health Podcast: Caregivers

It’s just one word.  But it carries the weight of over 43 million people, about a quarter which spends 41 hours or more per week providing care for loved ones with medical conditions.

Here are a few highlights from our research