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Medical Data Processing Disrupted by Amazon | Blog

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled new machine-learning tools reflecting—and beginning to tackle—some of the greatest challenges facing modern medicine.


PillPack Now Owned By Amazon | Blog

In a move to once again place their stake a bit deeper into the healthcare landscape, Amazon recently announced the purchase of the successful online pharmacy, PillPack.


Amazon ventures into Brick and Mortar | Blog

Yes, you read that right, Amazon the company that started out as an online bookstore is now building stores.


Amazon’s Quieter Healthcare Play | Blog

Everyone has been talking for months about Amazon’s big healthcare partnership, but earlier this month, the company made another bold foray into a new customer segment: Medicaid recipients.


Amazon Starts Marketing Its Prescription Drugs | Blog

Last week, many Amazon Prime members received more than their usual flow of order confirmations and shipping notifications, with the retail leviathan inviting some users to “Meet PillPack, a new member of the Amazon family.”


Introducing Amazon’s New and Exclusive Medical Device Brand | Blog

In recent weeks, Amazon and Arcadia Group announced the launch of a series of consumer-grade medical devices under their new brand Choice.


An Amazon Pharmacy May be Closer Than We Think | Blog

CNBC recently reported on a new Goldman Sach’s 30 page study on Amazon’s potential in the healthcare prescription drug market.


Amazon’s Alexa is Getting a New Voice | Blog

As voice-based commerce is on the rise – thanks to popular digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa - brands can now leverage a new synthetic voice feature that adds an extra touch of personalization to the experience.


Amazon Alexa vs Google Home for Drug Questions | Blog

Earlier this month, WebMD announced that they were working with Amazon to more easily connect their vast library of physician-reviewed information on conditions, drugs, symptoms, and treatments to the growing number of people that are using Amazon’s Alexa service.


Amazon v. | Blog

As Amazon and Walmart’s endeavors in the healthcare space continue to advance, the choices the two giants make are aligned to their respective company cultures.


Amazon’s (Potential) Entry Into the Healthcare Market Sparks New Competition | Blog

As Amazon positions themselves as (potential) healthcare players, several brick and mortar pharmacies shift with new partnerships and business models.


Lessons From Amazon in How To Build Trust With Consumers | Blog

Applying a behavioral science perspective to consider new ways to engage HCPs and patients.


Just Get Better Healthcare Inspired by Amazon Go | Blog

Oh the grocery store checkout line… where dreams go to die.


Five reasons why the JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon alliance is important | Blog

The recently announced collaboration between JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway, and Amazon has everyone in the healthcare industry talking.


Amazon Deploys Legion of Micro-influencers, Accepting Applications for More | Blog

While the term “micro-influencer” may still sound to you like some flippant, gen-Z farce, the side hustle cum way of life just scored serious validation.


Virtual Concierge: Amazon and Marriott Partner For Improved Customer Experience | Blog

Greg Sterling, Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land, recently reported on Amazon & Marriott’s new venture.


2018 Trend Tracking – Better Experience In Store | Blog

Amazon announced last week the unveiling of their new cashier-less store, Amazon Go.


Alexa Can Officially Get You Drugs | Blog

When Amazon first bought the online pharmacy PillPack, in 2018, many began wondering about the precise nature of Amazon’s health care ambitions.


Amazonian Innovation: It’s as Easy as 3-2-1 | Blog

Before this year’s 16th annual eyeforpharma convention even officially began, Amazon was there, empowering pharma leaders by teaching them new ways from their approach to innovation.


Looking for Medical Help? | Blog

If for some reason you thought there wasn’t anything else Amazon could tap into, you’d be wrong.


WalMart May Enlist Doctors to Help Beat Amazon in Tug-of-War | Blog

To retail behemoths, the health care realm is growing irresistible.


Alexa, Upend My Fixed Conceptions of Healthcare in America | Blog

Beginning with its acquisition of PillPack, Amazon’s grand entrance into healthcare continues with its partnership with J.P.


Tide - Or Healthcare - At The Push Of A Button | Blog

The hype around the Amazon Dash this week has already proclaimed its push-button ordering to be the height of modern convenience and the first big fiasco of the internet of things.


Can You Feel The Love? | Blog

And let’s not forget the dozens of cities that pulled out all the stops to woo Amazon in the company’s search for a new HQ.


KidsMD Brings Healthcare to the Echo | Blog

Amazon Echo is making it easy for us.


The New Healthcare Heroes...? | Blog

The ultra-cost minded Warren Buffett has labeled healthcare costs as "a hungry tapeworm on the American economy,” and his Berkshire Hathaway is partnering with Amazon and JPMorganChase to create a new comp


Rapid Drug Manufacturing at MIT | Blog

If you’re at home and run out of Tide detergent, you can order it with the click of Amazon’s Dash button.


Your patient may also like… | Blog

You know it in your daily life as those mostly helpful, sometimes creepy recommendations from NetFlix or Amazon that tell you what you’re likely to watch or buy.


Voice-Driven Tech Coming to Clinical Trials | Blog

Orbita, a company that helps people create voice-driven experiences for technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, has teamed up with the clinical trial data firm ERT to start to uncover ways in which voice technology can play a role in clinical trials.


Your Wallet Just Became Thinner | Blog

When I watched the Apple Keynote last week, it wasn’t the highly media-hyped Apple Watch, but the Apple Pay feature, that caught my attention.