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Syneos Health’s Baba Shetty Explores DTx with Its Pioneers | Blog

At this year’s Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase (part of Biotech Showcase), a panel of digital therapeutics (DTx) experts illuminated the status and future of their work, moderated by Syneos Health Commercial Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Baba Shetty.


Executive Summary: How Digital Therapeutics Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs | Perspectives

What healthcare stakeholders should think about when it comes to DTx partnerships and how DTx developers can satisfy diverse stakeholder needs.


Digital Therapeutics at the Crossroads | Perspectives

Payer perspectives on reimbursement hurdles can help DTx companies map the journey to real-world utilization and market success.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase: What Does a Clinical Trial Look Like for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

Digital therapeutics, or DTx, are distinct from digital health products, and are driven by software programs that can be prescribed to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease, as stated by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: What’s Blocking the Adoption of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

With there being so many different stakeholders, including patients, providers and payers, panelists at the 2019 Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase pointed to a number of different adoption roadblocks—and successes.


Paving the Way | Perspectives

Is Europe catching up (or pioneering the way) in digital therapeutics?


Therapeutic App from Sanofi to Treat Mental Illness in MS Patients | Blog

Recognizing that the impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) goes beyond the conventionally recognized symptoms, Sanofi has announced a new app to support people with the disease—specifically, their mental health.


How DTx Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs | Perspectives

All signs point to a breakthrough year for digital therapeutics.