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The Cost of Mental Health, Turnover, and Bullying in the Workplace | Blog

The Cost of Mental Health, Turnover, and Bullying in the Workplace


Rural Regions and Tele-Mental-Health | Blog

Here’s one initiative that might inspire models of other mental health care: in Orleans, Indiana, one school is finding ways to get their students the care they need.


The Duplicity of Mental Health Coverage and One City’s Initiative | Blog

But here’s the challenge: Mental health care coverage is limited.



As a source of human suffering, a barrier to workplace productivity, a burden on families and a driver of medical costs, mental illness amounts to an unparalleled public health crisis.


Mental Health: An Insurance Industry Perspective | Perspectives

In more than 15 hours of interviews, executives at managed care organizations covering more than 59 million lives talked about issues that are top of mind for mental health patients, including medication access and psychiatric care.


Connecting Mental Health and Education | Blog

But often times overall mental health throughout a child’s journey to teenager to adult is overlooked.


A National Mental Health Break is Bringing Awareness to the Workplace | Blog

With mental health at the forefront of most conversations today, companies and organizations have been working together to provide solutions for those suffering from a variety of conditions.


Digital Tools, Behavior, and Mental Health Goals | Blog

Recently, many news headlines have been focused on mental health-related situations.


The Staggering Burden of Mental Health on Physical Illness | Blog

Over many years, studies have highlighted how mental health and behaviors affect physical health.


The Connection Between DE&I and Mental Health | Blog

Hear from a few members from our Syneos Health DEI Advisory Council on how DE&I can play a role in the mental health and wellbeing of your employees.


Psychedelics and Mental Health: A new wave of potential treatments | Blog

As psychedelics gain more attention as treatments for certain mental health disorders, here are a few notes on what the pharmaceutical industry can expect.


Starbucks Takes on Mental Health in the Workplace with New Health Benefits | Blog

With mental health drawing an increasing amount of attention, big brands like Starbucks are stepping up to craft a more inclusive workplace with new benefits and policies that put the health of their employees first.


How Natural Disasters Affect Mental Health | Blog

With a growing risk for natural disasters, mental health implications as a result of adverse weather events are coming to the forefront of discussions about disaster preparedness.


Factoring Language in Mental Health and Disease States | Blog

We often forget the importance that language plays with regards to our own and others’ mental health.


Why Mental Health Professionals Want Patient Apps | Blog

A recent study of mental health clinicians shows that 73% would find mobile apps useful in their practice1.


There’s a Looming Mental Health Crisis but Tech is Here to Help | Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic is steadily increasing our risk for a mental health crisis around the world.


How Digital Innovation Has Changed Our Approach to Mental Health | Blog

With more than 10,000 health and wellness apps available today, we explored the ways in which digital innovation has transformed the expectations consumers have for how brands solve for mental health challenges.


New “Warmlines” Provide Mental Health Help Before a Crisis | Blog

., warmlines are emerging as the new intermediary step people can use before reaching a mental health crisis.


Mental Health for the Total Self | Blog

Syneos Health Communications' in-house wellness expert Leslie Archer tells us how corporate wellness initiatives are integral to a healthy employee, and a healthy company overall.


Mental Health, Accessibility, and Appropriate Care | Blog

It’s become more and more apparent that the need for comprehensive mental healthcare has exploded.


California is Testing a New Mental Health Digital “Fire Alarm” | Blog

As the number of people in the U.S. experiencing a mental illness continues to rise, the state of California is stepping in with a smartphone app that can provide access to care right at your fingertips.



The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 forged a legal framework to guarantee people with mental health conditions the same access to care and coverage as those with physical conditions or injuries.


The Implications of Classifying Video Game Addiction | Blog

Recently, the World Health Organization classified “video game addiction” as a mental health disorder.


Therapeutic App from Sanofi to Treat Mental Illness in MS Patients | Blog

Recognizing that the impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) goes beyond the conventionally recognized symptoms, Sanofi has announced a new app to support people with the disease—specifically, their mental health.


New Study Officially Links Social Media Usage with Depression | Blog

In recent years, many have questioned social media’s impact on mental health, but a recent study conducted by psychologists at UPenn stands as the first to establish a causal relationship between social media usage and decreased well-being.


The UnLonely Project: An Age-Old Problem Tackled by a New Age Solution | Blog

Mental health has often been at the center of controversy.


Burnout: A Public Health Crisis | Blog

Today, doctors are feeling more pressured than ever to keep up with the growing demands of their career, and it’s taking a toll on their mental health.


PM360 Magazine Announces 2017 Pharma Choice Awards | In The Media

Congratulations to Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Biosector 2 for being recognized in the 2017 Pharma Choice Gold Unbranded category of the PM360 2017 Pharma Choice Awards.


New Tools and Partnerships: The Necessity of Optimizing Patient Care | Blog

The general perception is that the healthcare industry has lagged behind with innovations using technology and service design.


What makes a meaningful brand? | In The Media

Adam Tilly, manager of brand strategy at Addison Whitney, a Syneos Health company, writes about the purpose of a brand in this PMLiVE article.