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Pharma & Payers - Opening the Lines of Communication | Blog

For the first time in 20 years, The FDA has issued new draft guidance on how pharmaceutical companies can communicate healthcare economic information (HCEI) with payers.


Integrating Pharmaceutical Brand + Payer to Maximize Brand Value | Blog

As recently as five short years ago, a pharmaceutical manufacturer could develop a good product, do everything right as it pertained to the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals, and launch it successfully into the world without major worry about the product be


Payers, Polls, and Pumpkin Lattes | Blog

Fall is officially here, marking week three of the NFL season (we’ve got some Browns fans in the house), the rapid approach of the midterm elections, and the kickoff of the socially acceptable window for ordering pumpkin spice lattes.


DPE15: New Digital Needs of Physicians, Payers and Patients | Blog

Monique Levy, Vice President of Research at Decision Resources Group shared a whirlwind of research and ideas about the new tensions and needs in healthcare.


How payers and manufacturers can find common ground in rare diseases | Perspectives

Health insurers have raised challenging questions about how drugs for rare diseases are defined, regulated, and priced in the U.S. market.


Orphan Medicines: Averting Price Debacles And Winning Payer Support | In The Media

In this collaborative piece, Meg Alexander, Managing Director of our Reputation & Risk Management practice and Susan Suponcic, Managing Director of our Pricing and Market Access practice, highlight misalignments in perception that derail access to orphan drugs.


The Syneos Health Podcast: Digital Therapeutics | Perspectives

Our team discusses the digital therapeutics landscape, the opportunities for both biopharma and tech companies, regulatory and payer hurdles, and more.


Thoughts on Value-Based Arrangements from Industry Leaders | Blog

Lilly & Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare's CEOs shared their thoughts on value-based arrangements between pharma and payers


Opening a New Era in Rare Disease Medicines | In The Media

Jeanine O'Kane and Marie Emms, senior executives at Syneos Health, address rare disease pricing and the ties between manufacturers, payers and patient advocacy groups.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: What’s Blocking the Adoption of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

With there being so many different stakeholders, including patients, providers and payers, panelists at the 2019 Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase pointed to a number of different adoption roadblocks—and successes.


Value & Outcomes Spotlight: Regulatory Policy and Real-World Evidence | In The Media

In this issue of "Value & Outcomes Spotlight" focused on Regulatory Policy and Real-World Evidence, Ruth Trzcienski, Compliance Director at inVentiv Health, talks about "FDA issues and their involvement with PhRMA and payers."


An Overview of Co-pay Accumulator Programs | Blog

Payers are continually adjusting their management strategies in an effort to control costs.


Insight-Driven Communications and the Data Imperative | Perspectives

Christie Anbar, Managing Director of Chamberlain Healthcare PR, Syneos Health, participated in a recent MM&M TrendTalks roundtable focused on “spend and trends” in the areas of healthcare professional (HCP), patient and payer marketing.


Inside the Gray Space of Digital Therapeutics | In The Media

Jennifer Kielmeyer, GSW, recaps the DTxDM conference, that brought together more than 200 senior decision-makers from digital therapeutics companies, pharma, investors, payers, and healthcare providers.


The Scrutiny on Rebates and Prices Will Change the Pharma-Payer Relationship | In The Media

John Seay of our Managed Markets Communications team spoke with PM360 about proposed HHS changes and the impact they will have on rebates and pricing.


Trend: Rise of real world data and the new KOL | Blog

The largest payers in healthcare – including Aetna, UHC, WellPoint, and Medicare – are now compensating physicians for value in addition to volume of services.


July 2019: How Does Pharma Demonstrate Value to the Payer in the Current Environment? | Newsletters

Coverage can be the entry or roadblock to getting your product into the patient’s hands.


How Does Pharma Demonstrate Value to the Payer in the Current Environment? | Perspectives

Coverage can be the entry or roadblock to getting your product into the patient’s hands.


Successful Implementation of Value-Based Reimbursement Requires Partnerships Across All Healthcare Stakeholders | Blog

Investment in technology is imperative for providers who want to keep up with the changing healthcare reimbursement landscape.


Mental Health: An Insurance Industry Perspective | Perspectives

In more than 15 hours of interviews, executives at managed care organizations covering more than 59 million lives talked about issues that are top of mind for mental health patients, including medication access and psychiatric care.


Uber’s Unintended Influence: A 7 percent Reduction in Ambulance Usage | Blog

“It’s not life threatening, but I can’t drive…Call an Uber.”


The Syneos Health Podcast: Talking about PIE | Perspectives

PIE – or Preapproval Information Exchange – refers to the communication of clinical and health care economic information on therapies in development between U.S. population health decision makers and drug manufacturers prior to regulatory approval.


2018 Commercial Trends | Perspectives

Rewired commercial model evolving from every point of influence in health and healthcare


The Syneos Health Podcast: ICER: Friend or Foe? | Perspectives

Curious how the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review works?


The Syneos Health Podcast: Commercial Models of the (Very Near) Future | In The Media

A commercial model built to deliver blockbuster drugs to the market is no longer effective – particularly for delivering therapies for complex disease states to smaller, more targeted patient populations and specialty providers.


Are Millennials the Key to the Affordable Care Act's Success? | Blog

In August we witnessed another challenge to the Affordable Care Act with Aetna announcing their departure from (most) of the public exchange.



As a source of human suffering, a barrier to workplace productivity, a burden on families and a driver of medical costs, mental illness amounts to an unparalleled public health crisis.


Five reasons why the JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon alliance is important | Blog

The recently announced collaboration between JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway, and Amazon has everyone in the healthcare industry talking.


Can A New Value Framework Help Ease Friction Over Orphan Drug Prices? | In The Media

Leslie Isenegger, Principal Strategist for Reputation & Risk Management Practice at inVentiv Health Communications, addresses the topic of orphan drug pricing in this article published in Pharmaceutical Executive.