Great Neck, NY. – Each day, it is estimated more than 115 people in the US die from an opioid overdose. The CDC estimates the cost is $78.5 billion a year in lost productivity, healthcare and addiction treatments. While many have argued about the best way to stop the misuse, one thing is for sure – anything we can put in the hands of the prescribing physicians to help curb the misuse of opioids, the better.  

Earlier this month, Northwell Health alongside the Center on Addiction created a new app for doctors to train them on how to spot potential addicts through a screening tool. If they identify a patient with an addiction, it then provides resources directing them to the needed treatments.

This new Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) app comes equipped with questions for patients aimed at gaining better understanding of opioid use, and identifies patients as low, moderate or high risk level due to substance dependency or misuse.

“Hundreds of people die every day because of misuse of opioids, alcohol or other substances. Wider use of SBIRT will save lives. Our app helps to break down some of the barriers to adoption by providing a simple tool that is easy for clinical team members to use.” – Megan O’Grady, Associate Director of Health Services Research at Center On Addiction

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Why This Matters – 

One of the challenges we help brands overcome is closing the communication gap between patients and health care professionals. Patients come to the exam room armed with a flurry of data and “their own diagnosis” ascertained from their trusted social circles. On the other hand, physicians are trying to keep up with professional journals and paper work so they can have real, honest and connected conversations with each of their patients.

This new tool, although a seemingly simple app, can help HCPs be more comfortable spotting the signs of addiction and, in turn, have resources at their (literal) fingertips to find that patient immediate help and treatment. A welcomed addition to any doctor’s toolbox!

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