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Trend Tracking: Aesthetic Expectation | Blog

For decades, consumers have been showing more and more willingness to pay higher prices for products designed with more sophistication.


Takeda: #FlyWithIBD | Blog

After a recent unpleasant transcontinental flight due to IBD, a Takeda employee was left with one question, “How can the company I work for help people flying with IBD have a more comfortable flight experience?”


Merck: Inventing For Life | Blog

A recent survey conducted by pharmaceutical company, Merck, revealed only 5% of respondents cited medicine as the next greatest invention.


Lack of Treatment Options = Lack of Awareness in Osteoporosis | Blog

“Only ‘Old Ladies’ fall and break their bones.”

#5 | Blog

264 vaccines in the pipeline. $173b saved in cancer-related costs. 883,000 fewer hospitalizations per year.


In2Summit Conference: All The Highlights | Blog

Last week a few team members from InVentiv were attendees at the In2Summit Conference held at the Ham Yard Hotel near Piccadilly.


Virtual Concierge: Amazon and Marriott Partner For Improved Customer Experience | Blog

If your travels include select Marriott properties in the future, you could walk into your hotel room and notice a new device sitting on the nightstand.


2017 Trend Tracking: Tackling Invisible Bias Within Artificial Intelligence | Blog

Will Knight, Senior Editor, AI for MIT Technology Review, wrote an article last week citing the growing concern over how algorithms, while set out to help the average consumer, are increasingly becoming more and more bias…and everyone is turning a blind eye.


The Cancer Support Community - A Patient Driven Network Of Cancer Support | Blog

Supporting people living with cancer is a top priority for any organization and individual working in the cancer space.


The Human Project | Blog

What if you were asked, alongside 10,000 other humans, adding up to 4,000 households, to give access to everything you do for 20 (hopefully) improve the lives of millions?


Lilly - The Hero's Journey Art Project | Blog

Several trends we’re following this year are focused around the patient’s voice and bringing it in early and often.


FDA Considering Easing Side Effect Requirements in DTC Ads | Blog

Earlier this week, the FDA announced they are proposing a new study to look at whether patients are being bombarded and over-warned within direct to consumer prescription advertisements.


Global Non-Adherence Results in a $637 Billion Loss | Blog

In a recently released research paper published by medication adherence company, HealthPrize Technologies and consulting company Capgemini, pharmaceutical companies are losing $637 billion in revenue annually to non-adherence.


The Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time | Blog

A daunting task for any doctor.


Give A Pink Bra | Blog

With 1 in 9 women in Pakistan at high risk of breast cancer and a population of 10,052,000 in 2015, early detection and education is key to dwindling the 40,000+ that lost their lives in 2014-15.


Ice Helps Discover New Gene Linked to ALS | Blog

Thanks to 1.2 million videos posted and 15 million Facebook interactions resulting in $121 million dollars raised, researchers from UMass Medical School announced this week they discovered a new gene linked to ALS, NEK1, and could potentially lead to new drug therapies.


CES - Trade Show Presentation Tech | Blog

CES 2016 was chock full of many different types of technology new and newer, but just as interesting to me, was the technologies that presented the technology.


Platypus Poison Could Be Key to Future Diabetes Treatment | Blog

With its duck-like bill and otter-like body, the Australian platypus is primarily known for its strange looks.


CES - Last Year's Future Technology Is Real | Blog

If you visited CES this year, you may have noticed that the technologies from last year that seemed light years away are finally ready for the consumer.


Can Doctors Pull a Diagnosis Out of Your Pocket? | Blog

As fitness trackers and wearables saturate the market, more and more patients are stepping into their doctors’ offices armed with personal health data.


I Can Read in the Dark, Can You? | Blog

I can read in the dark, can you?


Virtual Humans = Better Outcomes | Blog

Health and wellness conversations are challenging on all fronts.


Sick People Can't Have Fun! | Blog

When it comes to talking about illness, we can fall into the trap of telling the same linear recovery story.


Are Millennials the Key to the Affordable Care Act's Success? | Blog

In August we witnessed another challenge to the Affordable Care Act with Aetna announcing their departure from (most) of the public exchange.


Wearable Devices Enter Clinical Trials | Blog

Huntington’s disease is a rare, fatal neurodegenerative disease that is desperate for treatment options and doctors are doing their best to help improve the quality of life for the more than 30,000 people living with the disease and over 200,000 at-risk of inheriting it.


Do the Sounds in a Hospital Hinder Healing? | Blog

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate situation of being hospitalized, or better chances, caring for someone in the hospital, there is one thing that is certain – they are noisy places.


Cleveland Clinic: Prioritizing The Patient Experience | Blog

The Cleveland Clinic was the first major academic medical center to make patient experience a strategic goal, hire and appoint a Chief Experience Officer, and one the first to establish an Office of Patient Experience.


Empathy (Continues To) Win | Blog

It is no secret empathy within advertising, if done correctly, can be a powerful motivator to drive and change behavior.


Cheese, Disease, And The Brains Behind The UK's Biobank | Blog

What does good fondue have to do with the way your brain works?