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Has Healthcare Arrived on Digital Yet? | Blog

MM&M released its annual DTC ad spend report for 2017 in the April issue.


New Fitbit & Google Partnership to Improve Patient Outcomes | Blog

Dating back to 1788, wearables have been around helping individuals, even at their most basic, track our steps to help us better keep track of exercise.


A Tweet We Can All Learn From | Blog

At this point, if you utilize any of the popular social media platforms, you are fully aware of the ‘tweet heard around the world’, the response from the maker of Ambien, Sanofi, and the public’s response.


An Apple A Day To Monitor Glucose | Blog

Apple is using the Apple Watch within a secret group of biomedical engineers at Apple to revolutionize the way we monitor blood glucose levels: without a pin prick.


Excedrin Hits A Home Run With Angry Met’s Fan | Blog

Baseball season is upon us.


The Screen Effect: Our Phones Are Changing Us | Blog

We’re big trend spotters at HxP, always looking for clues into what’s changing people’s expectations for experiences and connections.


Merck: Inventing For Life | Blog

A recent survey conducted by pharmaceutical company, Merck, revealed only 5% of respondents cited medicine as the next greatest invention.


Takeda: #FlyWithIBD | Blog

After a recent unpleasant transcontinental flight due to IBD, a Takeda employee was left with one question, “How can the company I work for help people flying with IBD have a more comfortable flight experience?”


FDA Considering Easing Side Effect Requirements in DTC Ads | Blog

Earlier this week, the FDA announced they are proposing a new study to look at whether patients are being bombarded and over-warned within direct to consumer prescription advertisements.


Trend Tracking: Aesthetic Expectation | Blog

For decades, consumers have been showing more and more willingness to pay higher prices for products designed with more sophistication.


2017 Trend Tracking: Tackling Invisible Bias Within Artificial Intelligence | Blog

Will Knight, Senior Editor, AI for MIT Technology Review, wrote an article last week citing the growing concern over how algorithms, while set out to help the average consumer, are increasingly becoming more and more bias…and everyone is turning a blind eye.


The Human Project | Blog

What if you were asked, alongside 10,000 other humans, adding up to 4,000 households, to give access to everything you do for 20 (hopefully) improve the lives of millions?


In2Summit Conference: All The Highlights | Blog

Last week a few team members from InVentiv were attendees at the In2Summit Conference held at the Ham Yard Hotel near Piccadilly.


The Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time | Blog

A daunting task for any doctor.


Sick People Can't Have Fun! | Blog

When it comes to talking about illness, we can fall into the trap of telling the same linear recovery story.


CES - Last Year's Future Technology Is Real | Blog

If you visited CES this year, you may have noticed that the technologies from last year that seemed light years away are finally ready for the consumer.


I Can Read in the Dark, Can You? | Blog

I can read in the dark, can you?


Empathy (Continues To) Win | Blog

It is no secret empathy within advertising, if done correctly, can be a powerful motivator to drive and change behavior.


Grinder App Used to Distribute HIV Self Testing Kits | Blog

Researchers at Indiana University and University of California recently launched a banner ad within the Grinder app to distribute free self-testing kits to the more than 5 million Grinder users.


The New York Times Can Be Your New Texting Buddy | Blog

As much as we would like to, hardly anyone has the freedom to take two weeks off to catch every minute of the Olympic coverage.


Multichannel in Healthcare: First Service, Then Channel | Blog

Britain’s conservative NHS cooperates with dating app Tinder, whilst big pharmaceutical companies cooperate with Google or Apple.


How New Apps Save Lives | Blog

Among all the healthcare app choices out there, do some actually have the potential to save someone’s life?


Are Millennials the Key to the Affordable Care Act's Success? | Blog

In August we witnessed another challenge to the Affordable Care Act with Aetna announcing their departure from (most) of the public exchange.


The Apple-CareKit: A revolution in health care? | Blog

The secret power of innovations: The Apple-CareKit: A revolution in health care?


Why Transparency Is Trendy…and Maybe Life-Saving, Too | Blog

These days, Pharma is no stranger to criticism.


As Summer Comes to an End, Buying Local Produce Doesn't Have to as Well | Blog

The recent uptick in awareness of nourishing our bodies with fruits and vegetables has been accompanied by an increase in awareness of where these fruits and vegetables are coming from.


Do the Sounds in a Hospital Hinder Healing? | Blog

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate situation of being hospitalized, or better chances, caring for someone in the hospital, there is one thing that is certain – they are noisy places.


Wearable Devices Enter Clinical Trials | Blog

Huntington’s disease is a rare, fatal neurodegenerative disease that is desperate for treatment options and doctors are doing their best to help improve the quality of life for the more than 30,000 people living with the disease and over 200,000 at-risk of inheriting it.


Cheese, Disease, And The Brains Behind The UK's Biobank | Blog

What does good fondue have to do with the way your brain works?