Cupertino, CA — Hot off the press. Apple’s Carekit was announced yesterday at their annual “Loop You In” event. The kit, set to launch in April, is yet another way the company is getting more involved in health care. It also signals a shift from ResearchKit, which was focused on research studies and owned by research institutions, to a more patient-owned experience that is focused on their ongoing care.

The first app created on Carekit is for Parkinson’s patients and allows them to track the daily effectiveness of their medications and exercise regimens in a beautifully simple dashboard. Patients can then share this data with their family members for ongoing support or send to their physician directly through the platform.

Why it matters:

While the verdict is still out on all of CareKit’s functionality, at first glance the opportunities for pharma and CareKit seem limitless. It provides an opportunity for brands to create valuable experiences beyond the pill and empower patients to take charge of their health. We’ll continue to track how the industry utilizes the platform after launch so check back on HXP.

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Jeffrey Giermek