Horsham, PA— This month, Janssen launched Cancer.com, aiming to create an online destination for all things oncology. After owning the domain for years and investing in more than 24 months of development, the new site boasts unique navigation, features and resources that should live up to its moniker.

By the People, For the People

Throughout its development, Janssen worked closely with three major advocacy organizations: the American Cancer Society, CancerCare and Cancer Support Community. Each was engaged to ensure Cancer.com delivered on real-world patient, caregiver and provider needs. According to Janssen’s press release, Chuck Westbrook, SVP of Cancer Control Programs and Services at the American Cancer Society noted,

“As a trusted resource for cancer information, the American Cancer Society is pleased to contribute its expertise and content to ensure people affected by cancer receive the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their health. The American Cancer Society is committed to attacking cancer from every angle. With the support of our partners, we can empower people with the information they need to navigate their cancer experience.”

The other organizations voiced similar support and praise of the pharma giant’s investment and commitment to oncology.

Tools for the Journey

From the top of the landing page, Cancer.com ushers users through a series of simple questions regarding diagnosis, where they are in their journey and what they’re looking for. Once a profile is created, content and resources are tailored to each visitors needs and preferences. The site’s My Care Activator resource was designed by Janssen’s behavioral scientists to be a valuable digital health coach that helps patients achieve better health outcomes. Another resource, the Advocacy Connector analyzes a patient’s location, individual needs and cancer type to point them towards the best support resources her or his needs.

Why This Matters—

Pharma brands have been partnering with advocacy groups for years, and unbranded disease-state materials are nothing new, but Janssen’s deep partnerships and substantial investment in a high-profile online destination promises to set a new benchmark for Pharma company providing value beyond a treatment.

Janssen’s senior director of oncology franchise strategy Leslie Amendola told FiercePharma, “if you put something on Cancer.com, it had better be good… We took this initiative on very seriously, just as we would approach our scientific advancements…We know people are going to come here just by the URL alone, so we wanted to ensure that we provided not something that continued to overwhelm a patient, but instead brought them relevant information and tools.” Now that the bar has been raised, what powerful new tools will Pharma build for patients and HCPs in 2018?

About the Author:

Drew Beck brings more than a decade of broad healthcare experience to GSW in his role as the Director of Innovation. He has enjoyed working for big healthcare names including Eli Lilly & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline in Global Marketing and Pharmaceutical Sales roles, but his start came from hands-on work in patient care in Emergency Medicine. This foundation has given him a deep understanding of both patients and healthcare professionals. In his current role, he combines all he has learned from this background with insights into current market trends to help clients drive the future of their brands.