San Francisco, CA– “Even though it’s online you feel very much apart of the community”

“Its just second nature for me now”

These are quotes you might not expect a 70 year old, much less one who is discussing their digital health intervention, to say.

A recent Omada Health – Humana trial with Medicare advantage members helped to disprove the myth that seniors can’t do digital health. The study paired Medicare Advantage Members who were at risk for developing chronic conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, with Omada’s Prevent program. This program combines connected devices like a pre-synched wireless scale, health-related curriculum, access to a personal health coach, and online peer network for support.

These digital health tools proved to be quite effective, with the 461 participants averaging an 8.7% reduction in body weight over 6 months. Afterwards, more than 85% remained active in the program.

The demographic that could perhaps benefit the most from the world of activity trackers and digital health tools isn’t always the audience tech companies have in mind when they develop the latest and greatest wearables. However, more success stories like Omada’s will hopefully continue to encourage others to create digital health tools to serve the elderly population.

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Jeffrey Giermek