Frankfurt, Germany — I’ve spent most of my career specializing in digital and innovation, but one of the most memorable tactics I ever worked on was an envelope. The project was part of a bigger initiative by the admissions team at a small college to increase the number of accepted students who ultimately chose to attend the school. The idea was to make the acceptance exciting – a moment people would remember. We made a lot of changes, but my favorite was a big, bold, block-lettered universal truth emblazoned on the outside of the package the acceptance came in: The Size of the Envelope Always Gives It Away.

You can almost hear the squeal of delight at the mailbox, right?

Standing out in the pile of stuff that lands on your kitchen counter (recycle bin?) every evening has become more challenging every year. So, we gathered some of the most memorable direct marketing we’ve seen lately to prove it is possible to be remembered from the mailbox.

Kontor Records: The Office Turntable