San Francisco, CA—Last week, America’s leading social network for healthcare professionals announced that its membership has surpassed 800,000 healthcare professionals in the US alone. Since its launch in 2011, 70% of American doctors have joined—that’s 600,000 licensed HCPs connected in a single platform. On top of that, 9 out of 10 fourth year medical students are already members as well, ensuring a bright future for the platform. Last but not least, 100,000 nurse practitioners and physician assistants have joined, and 60,000 other HCPs (including pharmacists, therapists, etc.) have too.

The Key to Doximity’s Success:

The company attributes much of its success to a “physician-first” focus. From ways to connect with other HCPs to tools that help practices run more efficiently, Doximity is providing tremendous value to its members. A few tools that have resonated with its community include:

  • “The online medical CV: Basic information is pre-populated and physicians can upload their CVs to automatically fill in their Doximity profile – taking the work of maintaining an online profile off the hands of busy clinicians. The average Doximity physician profile has 30 items completed, including clinical interests, education, board certifications, and publications.
  • Doximity Dialer: A free communication tool that makes it easier for physicians to call their patients from their personal cell phone, as the patient sees the doctor’s office number on their caller ID. Doctors can conveniently make calls when on-the-go and patients are more likely to pick up a call from a familiar number.
  • Newsfeed: Physicians receive personalized medical news and research updates based on their professional interests and connections. Thanks to a collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, physicians use this to meet their continuing medical education requirements.
  • DocFax: A free digital fax and messaging service that enables HIPAA-secure communication from any computer or mobile device.
  • Career Navigator: Members can access nationwide compensation benchmarking data by specialty, browse jobs with top healthcare organizations, and network with peers for new opportunities.
  • Residency Navigator: Choosing a residency program is perhaps the most important decision in a physician’s career. To help navigate this process, Doximity created a first-ever ratings database of medical training programs, and a comprehensive online reference of program details, as well as professional outcomes for graduates.”

-Doximity Press Release February 2017

Why This Matters—

2016 marked several seismic shifts in healthcare. It marked the first time pharma’s non-personal marketing budgets exceeded those focusing on face-to-face. Additionally, more than half of the interactions between Kaiser Permanente’s HCPs and the patients they serve happened remotely. In healthcare, nothing is happening in a bubble—HCPs are changing the way they engage one another and their patients, too. In just 6 years, Doximity has successfully connected the vast majority of physicians, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Brands have an opportunity to leverage the platform and continue its “physician-first” approach to engage more physicians than ever.


About the Author:

Drew Beck has spent his entire career in healthcare — from direct patient care as an EMT in college to countless roles in pharma sales and global marketing for leading life science companies including Eli Lilly & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline. He is currently a leader on the Syneos Health Insights & Innovation team, a group charged with leveraging deep expertise in virtual collaboration, behavioral science, trends-based-innovation, custom research and global marketing insights.