Philadelphia, PA —  Sharecare and Trinity Health are creating solutions at an interesting point in the history in health care. One in which the patient is increasingly becoming the buyer and the health system the seller.

They’re developing systems built to, in part, put consumers in control of their health.

Two of our favorite examples from the talk:

Real Age


Over 40 million people have taken the test to determine their real age, not just their calendar age. The Army now mandates that all soldiers take it every year and Sharecare has proven its accuracy with a major study of death certificates.

Like wearables, it’s an example of the value of self awareness. By quanitfying the impact of everyday health behaviors, the Real Age program seeks to help people make important changes for their health through a more personalized dialog.


It’s the answer to the question: How do you get a doctor’s exam room into a smartphone?

Jeff Arnold, CEO or Sharecare, explained, “If you go to Google, you get the band first, not a health symptom.” They needed to create better tools to help patients searching for answers. AskMD helps people see the likely causes of symptoms and also when to act urgently and when to talk to a professional.

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