New York, New York – Our “Experience It” 2017 Communications trend covered the rapid increase in experiential marketing tactics that have been taking over physical spaces everywhere from bus stops to beauty shops. This weekend, Ford created an experience that set the bar quite high for those brands attempting to jump on this trend and proved the impact these types of tactics can have.

Ford created a giant driveable game in New York based on the popular game called “Escape the Room.” Participants were given the challenge of making it big in New York in 60 minutes. To do so, they had to drive in a new Ford SUV through a building and leverage the variety of features the car boasts to accomplish a series of tasks. Pre-registration (1,000 spots) sold out immediately. You can watch a video of the set up here:


Why it Matters:

Creating experiences in actual physical spaces can be a great tactic for helping someone experience the effect of a certain product, treatment, or disease state for the first time. Ford combined gaming dynamics with an in-person experience and found ways to directly tie in their product features in the process – a commendable and effective execution that we’re taking note of.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Giermek