Philadelphia, PA – GSK has announced the launch of a new research app that will leverage Apple’s open sourced ResearchKit platform to monitor patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The app is titled ‘Patient Rheumatoid Arthritis Data from the Real World’ or PARADE and marks the first time a big pharma company has utilized Apple’s healthcare research platform. (For a run-down on how ResearchKit works, check out our “Real World Science” trend in the 2016 Health Trend Report.)

The PARADE study will monitor the impact of rheumatoid arthritis on 300 patients’ lives over a 3-month window. Data will be gathered using a mix of survey’s and sensors that will work in parallel to paint a full picture of their day-to-day life, including a guided wrist exercise that leverages the iPhone’s sensors to actually record the patient’s motion.

Why it Matters:

This first foray into ResearchKit for big pharma is a watershed moment for the industry. When ResearchKit launched nearly two years ago it was obvious that it had the potential to dramatically reduce clinical trial costs, we were just waiting to see when brands would take advantage. GSK’s PARADE shows that the platform can be used for a variety of insights that can inform more than just future trials, but also guide our marketing as well.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Giermek