New York, NY — You’ve seen the headlines and heard the candidates pounding their podiums. The cost of prescription drugs, they say, is too high. But wait, says industry, we produced over 300 new medications in a decade. Treatments that changed and saved the lives of literally millions of people. There’s value there, not just cost.

But to the person standing at the pharmacy counter or the doctor counseling not just on physical health but financial health, that value story can be incredibly difficult to see. That may be why Pfizer decided to stop talking about it and start showing it. In a new spot that debuted last week, they took consumers inside the world of drug discovery – not with beakers and futuristic music but with the hopes and dreams and late nights of people much like you:

Why it matters

A Harris Poll last year found that nearly three of every four Americans (73 percent) want price controls placed on manufacturers of drugs and medical devices. That’s up from 64 percent who favored such controls in a 2014 poll.

In fact, now, in the U.S., the #1 healthcare priority voters have for Congress and the president is “making sure that high-cost drugs for chronic conditions, such as HIV, hepatitis, mental illness and cancer, are affordable to those who need them.” That’s a mission pharma leaders share and a conversation we want to be part of. Programs like Pfizer’s Discover help consumers and lawmakers alike see deeper into our industry and fuel a healthier conversation about healthier lives.

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