Columbus, OH – Among all the healthcare app choices out there, do some actually have the potential to save someone’s life?

In a post last year, we provided some examples of wearable technology that claim to do so. As rightfully predicted, more healthcare apps launched this year that are already proving to make significant impact and might even rescue someone’s life.

For example, the airRx app is designed for people with a medical background who could be involved in an in-flight emergency. The app can walk users through the 23 most common medical emergencies and provides helpful information, such as on-board medical equipment and medications, the role of the flight crew, and other support. Needles too say, the app works in airplane mode.

Other recent developments have a more narrow focus, such as the next example that offers support for patients and their healthcare providers to more effectively manage lung cancer. Through clinical symptom telemonitoring, the Moovcare app provides doctors remote follow-up of patients, enabling early identification of relapse or complication requiring rapid and specific care and might have an effect on overall survival. In a clinical trial, high-risk lung cancer patients lived an average of seven months longer than nonusers.

And then there’s this app, xRapid, that claims to diagnose major diseases faster, cheaper, and more accurately than conventional methods. The London-based startup combined digital imaging technology and artificial intelligence to develop a platform that can diagnose major diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis. According to, xRapid recently diagnosed their first patient and secured a commercial client in Papua New Guinea.

Check back often to see what the remainder of the year brings in terms of life-saving technology.

About the Author:

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