Berlin, Germany - Meet Ada, your personal AI health consultant. Born in mid-2016, Ada is now the #1 medical app in over 130 countries and recently won a Cannes Lions award for innovation and a silver winner at the Clios. Answering a few simple questions will lead Ada to sifting through over 8,000 symptoms associated with over 12,000 diseases. And in the end, you are left with a much more targeted response than you might receive by typing in the same information into your favorite search engine.

This simple to use interface and uncomplicated questions help guide you your current state or if you are a caregiver, someone else you are helping. Ada saves your assessments and allows you to track conditions over time.

It is important to point out - Ada does not diagnose, yet helps lead you to answers that will help you understand what might be going on and creates a healthier more informed conversation with your health care professional. And if you live in the UK, you can send your results directly to a physician and receive a consultation via the app in a short amount of time. 

Here are a couple screen shots from using the assessment myself within my smartphone:

Why This Matters –

As AI continues to evolve within the healthcare industry, it is always great to see companies like Ada Digital Health Ltd not only set out to help patients and caregivers, but also doctors and healthcare organizations. And as we’ve been reporting for a few years now, telehealth has the ability to reach parts of the world that would not have access otherwise. The opportunities for this simplistic platform are endless and help meet several changing expectations in the marketplace. And anytime you can combine speed with accuracy in the always-changing healthcare landscape, you’re sure to hit a home-run.

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