New York, NY— MM&M recently shared a series of infographics to help visualize their top healthcare trends for 2018. These capture the key results from PwC Health Research Institute’s recent survey of more than a thousand adults, and several of the highlights go hand-in-hand with our own Syneos Health 2018 Trends.

  • In recent years, the percentage of seniors who said they’d be open to virtual HCP visits in lieu of face-to-face to save money nearly doubled from 16% in 2013 to 30% in 2017.
  • In 2017, incidents of medical device cybersecurity vulnerability increased more than 500% over the baseline set over the previous 3 years.
  • According to healthcare executives, automated research reports and information aggregation is among the best uses of AI in their industry

Why This Matters—

These hot-off-the-presses infographics further substantiates more than a handful of our 2018 trends, including:

Dispensable Docs

Why wait for your family physician when any doctor will do?

Patients are hopping to new points of care for shorter wait times, new approaches to treatment, or even just someone who shares their opinion. Even the most loyal patient segments are piecing together care from across multiple practices. Hospitals and practices are trying new ways to establish relationships, including using the voice of their patients.

Mal(Ware) Practice

While digital treachery is not new, cybersecurity threats have never been more imminent - and healthcare is definitely not immune.

Major data breaches at Target, Yahoo, and Equifax were not just one-offs, but the start of a new, broader array of threats. Today, there are more targets than ever, including additional industries and new devices to attack, from your Echo to your echocardiogram. For every business, security will need to be a better best practice. For healthcare in 2018, it may not be a choice, but a mandate.

Medical Data Deluge

The speed of scientific discovery has left medical insight and knowledge staggering under its own weight. 

From huge philanthropic investments to savvy algorithm-based tools, all signs point to breakthroughs in helping scientists break through the noise in research to find just what they’re looking for. In 2018, we’ll see an explosion of ways for doctors to just keep up.

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About the Author:

Drew Beck has spent his entire career in healthcare — from direct patient care as an EMT in college to countless roles in pharma sales and global marketing for leading life science companies including Eli Lilly & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline. He is currently a leader on the Syneos Health Insights & Innovation team, a group charged with leveraging deep expertise in virtual collaboration, behavioral science, trends-based-innovation, custom research and global marketing insights.