Fairfax, VA — Advantia Health, a leading-edge medical company committed to empowering women with integrated health care services, announced a new partnership with Elligo Health Research, which will offer Advantia’s clients access to a whole new realm of resources, through clinical trials. Elligo’s “Goes Direct” program advances a unique approach to trials, bringing them straight to doctors’ offices, effectively allowing individual practices to function as trial sites. This opens up new and developing therapies to many more patients. 

Advantia prizes what is frequently a woman’s role as “chief medical officer of their families,” and it integrates primary care, behavioral health, and other common medical offerings into its gynecological practices. Such integrated services provide convenience and, usually, lower costs. 

Now, that integration is being taken even further, as women can receive the type of care unique to clinical trials within the Advantia practices they already frequent. As Advantia founder Dr. Peter Glass said, “Our partnership with Elligo will help us deliver improved health care outcomes for our patients through better access to novel care pathways.” And such novel care will be offered to women by their own doctors and close to home. 

The collaboration seems fairly seamless. “I can tell our infrastructure, technology, and expertise will fit well into Advantia’s day-to-day work,” says Dr. John Pothoff, Elligo CEO, “and will allow physicians to focus on patient care.”

Advantia’s leaders constantly seek to expand the resources and therapies available to women. Earlier this summer, Advantia surgeon Dr. James Barter successfully performed a groundbreaking procedure, a novel laparoscopic surgery that is minimally invasive and low-risk compared with conventional techniques. 

Why This Matters

Clinical trials administrators frequently find that geography represents a major obstacle: trial sites are often too far from or otherwise inaccessible by the patients who might benefit from them the most. Elligo and Advantia’s joint effort showcases how the medical community’s conception of a “site” is changing—affording new therapies to underserved populations. 

Note: This year, Syneos Health and Elligo Health Research entered a strategic collaboration to mobilize a system of accelerated research to reach real-world patients. Both companies share a vision to evolve the clinical trial paradigm to speed the delivery of biopharmaceutical therapies to market.

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