Columbus, OH – The Pokémon franchise recently released a game that has received massive attention (read: broke the internet). You’ve probably seen mentions of it on anyone of your 3+ social feeds. The game allows people to play Pokémon in their real environment though an AR experience that technology wise is closer to a Snapchat filter than a HoloLens. However, that’s the reason for its commercial success: Pokémon Go has created an AR experience within a simple to use game and put it right in the people’s hands. It’s a simple-to-use free smartphone game where the world appears atop a Google maps display with GPS tracking to map where you are in real time.

Why it matters:

This is one of the first examples of AR receiving mainstream adoption. It shows the potential of this space and how elegantly simple it can be to execute. Brands have an opportunity to partner with the flock of AR experiences that are likely to launch after this and join their worlds or create their own and allow users to discover the brand through this immersive experience. Next time someone mentions how impossible it would be to create an AR tactic, show them this.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Giermek